Sent my wallet in to quality control... What will happen next?

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  1. I was in the BH LV today looking at the new super cute multicolor bracelets with the charms. I said to the SA that I would never buy anything else MC after my wallet. She asked me what I was talking about. I told her that my MC koala wallet is chipping. She seemed surprised and said she has never seen anything like that before. Then she mentioned it to another SA who seemed surprised. Funny thing is I know I mentioned it to her before and her answer was " oh that is common wear and tear and it is just a silkscreen and nothing can be done" She said to bring it in. So I went home and got it.

    They had the SLG manager look at it and she sent it into quality control to look at. She said it will be 6-8 weeks.

    Besides the chipping, it is in great condition. I used it for less then a year. I got it about 2 years ago. The date stamp is from 2007.

    So my question is.... What do you think will happen next?

    Will they?????
    Repair it?
    Replace it?
    Give me a store credit for something else?
    Or tell me sorry, you are out of luck, live with it?

    Here is what it looks like.


  2. hmm not sure probably just say its wear and tear i hope they would replace it for you though!
  3. From my experience with LV, anything can come of it. They seem to be very random with these types of things. I hope you get a new wallet or store credit!
  4. I know I've read your posts before, and I remember you talking about your MC chipping and not being happy. I don't think they would have taken it from your, especially for 6-8 weeks and then say you're out of luck. That would really be horrible! I would hope they'll replace it for you........not exactly sure how they could fix it? I'm sure someone else will have more info. but I hope they replace it for you! Good luck!
  5. I heard that this was common with MC, but I don't know for sure. I hope they give you a new one, or give you credit toward something else.
  6. goodluck! i hope the turn out is good!
  7. Thanks.... If they were to give me a choice I would go for the store credit. Since I bought a vernis zippy wallet to replace it. So I really do not need another wallet.
  8. I had color loss on a MC pochette and LV sent it in and I was given the option of replacing with the same pochette or crediting it towards another LV item. I was told that LV warrants workmanship, this including the color loss on MC for 24 months. Although they consider this normal wear, they consider this normal wear over their warranty period, not within the warranty period. I wish they had taken your wallet when you first complained because then I feel certain you would have been given a credit. It being 2 years now, its likely 50/50 on them extending the credit. The fact your SA sent it in though tells me you are indeed a regular customer that they really want to help out and their input does have some bearing on the quality control at the factory. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you so you get the credit and then are able to show us a NEW REVEAL!
  9. I think if they offered to take it in and have it checked, then they must have some knowledge of this type of issue! If it was "standard" with wear and tear, then I feel they tell you straight and not be so willing to help. It sounds like a very positive step for you, good luck with whatever happens, be sure to keep us updated!

    P.S. It does seem a bit strange though that the same SA has given you two different opinions!
  10. I am sure they will replace it for you or credit you especially since you are such a good customer.
    Good luck!
  11. I find it weird that you mentioned it to your SA before and now she said she has never heard of any problems like that :confused1:

    Keep us posted!
  12. They are just going to send it back to you. It is "normal" and as I am a HUGE LV girl, I don't think this should happen. Even the regular monogram does this, it just isn't as noticable.
  13. UPDATE...

    While at Disneyland today I got a call from LV. They told me they are replacing my wallet. So they gave me a brand new one. The exact same style. I asked if I could get something else since I bought another wallet but they said no.
  14. Well I'm glad they did something about it, but it sucks that you were looking forward to getting credit since you already bought another wallet to replace it.
  15. Sell it! Its brand new so you can get a good amount for it.