Sent my mini to Chanel boutique without giving me paperwork on hand

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  1. Hi, I need advice. I recently sent my bag back to Chanel boutique for a minor repair. But it has been 5 days they didn't give me any receipt or proof that they are going to send to the leather surgeon. Is that how they deal with customs not giving any paperwork? I mean what if something accidentally happen and I don't even have any evidence. Please HELP! Thanks.
  2. That doesn't sound right to me. I've sent a few flaps for repair and always receive a copy of the service order from the sales rep. Did you get the name of the sales rep who help you, or a business card?

  3. Unfortunately the sales didn't give me her business card. She told me she will email me the service form or order. But I've been waiting a whole week and still nothing. Maybe I will try to call tomorrow. I was careless and trust them. I guess I may be wrong. Finger cross. thanks for your reply.