Sent my Lily to M for repair - but got her damaged back

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm quite frustrated right now and I hope some of you can understand me. I sent my Lily to Mulberry in the beginning of January to get the postman's lock repaired (it had some nasty scratches which really annoyed me). About six weeks later I got a call about how much it would be and I assigned them to carry on with the repair. To be fair, I'm from Germany so the time it took is okay for me, they had her repaired quite quickly (took about a week for her to arrive back in Munich). So I went to our Mulberry store the other day to pick her up - I was quite excited to get her nearly new back. The whole postman's lock had been changed, I was quite happy that my Lily looked even nicer than before. Then I opened the bag to find a quite big mark from a ballpoint pen on the inside - so my happiness turned first into disbelief and the into dissapointment. How could that be possibly with an 'high fashion' brand??? I called Mulberry and told them about my problem. To be fair, the sale assistant(s) are really really nice people and are very aware that you - as a costumer - are happy. They asked me to send them a picture and forwarded it to the repair office...
    Today I got an answer, I should bring my Lily back and they will send her again to get repaired. If they are not able to remove the ballpoint pen mark I'll get a 'replacement' or a voucher. But what does a replacement mean??

    I'm quite angry right now, I'm a new potential customer for Mulberry and everything I read and experience with them is not quite positive. (excluding the Munich store here...)
  2. Oh no, I hope that they manage to sort this out for you MissStephie. I've always found their repair service to be really good and I'm always happy with their handiwork. I'm sure they'll manage to get it fixed for you and if not they'll offer you a brand new one (replacement) if they can't. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  3. Replacement is good it means they will find you a brand new one to replace your damaged one...result!! Or failing that will give you a voucher to the value you paid for the bag...good luck
  4. So, after another six weeks I got a call from our local Mulberry store last week to be told that they can't repair my Lily and the penmark will remain. They offered me a voucher in the value I payed for Lily, but after the price increases I'd have to pay another 350 bucks to get a new one.

    Last weekend I wrote directly to Mulberry via Mail and got a fast response - they now offer me either to return my Lily with the penmark and a voucher as a sorry OR I'll get a new Lily in Ballet Pink with gold hardware (my Lily before was the one in patent leather plaster pink with rose gold hardware)

    I'm not sure what to do - I love my Lily, but I'm very OCD with my belongings and somehow I have the feeling that I'm not gonna use her that much anymore when she's not in neat condition. (that's the same that my sister tells me)
    On the other hand, I found that the rose gold hardware was extremely nice - a feature that's quite rare amongst Mulberry at the moment.

    I'd appreciate any help...whad do you ladies think of this case? Take the old bag or a new one?
  5. new one for sure! The ballet pink is very pretty and I prefer leather over patent.
    It's a very good solution as indeed the current Lily's are more expensive
  6. I'd say go for the lily in ballet pink. It's a good replacement for your plaster pink one and I think that once you start using it you'll relax a little bit. It's there to be used and enjoyed, although I understand your hesistation. Why not see if you could it exchange it for a different colour or leather that you'd be more comfortable using?
  7. Could they not transfer your rose gold hardware to the replacement?

  8. +1 I think mulberry did good in what they offered. But ultimately it's your decision if you prefer the plaster pink. Personally I think the ballet pink is a beautiful shade.
  9. Nope they won't change hardware...people tried to get the Union Jack lock moved to another bag etc it was a no no
  10. Thank you so much ladies for your help.

    I decided to get the new Lily as I no longer would wear the other one due to it's little imperfection. This may sound odd, but my Mulberry goods (and only pair of sandersons....) are something like my sanctuaries. Though I treat them as things, I'm really careful with them. I'd never place an inkpen inside my Mulberry for example.

    So yesterday I got the confirmation that a order is placed for me and the new Lily will be sent to my Mulberry store. I can't wait to pick her up, I just had a short glaze at the ballett pink color before and loved it.

    I thought about asking to get the hardware changed, but as elvisfan4life said, I already supposed it's a no no - otherwhise there could be some great combinations, just think about navy and rose gold hardware. Maybe Mulberry will introduce a bag that's custommade and you can order your favourite leather, hardware, etc - who knows ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you so much again!
  11. Maybe a bit off topic but I recently (with the help of my luxury-animal friend) bought a small family if Mulberry in staff sale. I am a bit worry of colour transfer from my clothes onto the bag when I use them. Have not been dare to wear my favourite skinny jeans ever since. What is your solution with a ballet pink lily?
  12. That's a good question - I suppose I wont use her as an everyday bag anyway and I will pamper her with colonil before I use her.
    But I have to admit, I have a long locked purse in dark blush (to be fair, it's not that delicate as ballett pink) but I use it like every day for about 5 months now and it has zero marks on it. I often carry it in hands because I don't want to hide it in my bag and sometimes I'm a bit messy and have some eyeshadow on my fingertips - but there's zero transfer until now.
    On the other hand, I have some suede ankle boots from anthropologie that I wore with jeans (poor quality ones) the other day and there's already color transfer which makes me really angry. Guess it partly really depends on quality of the clothing you have.