Sent - Do you change with your mood?

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Do you change scent often?

  1. Change every time an interesting new scent comes along.

  2. Haven't changed. It's my signature!

  3. Haven't changed yet: Too confused by the number of scents on the market.

  4. Haven't changed but would if there was a reason to

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  1. Just wanted to know if I'm an odd ball cause I change sents often and never go back to old favorites. I usually wear orientals and have probably worn them all in the last decade. Right now I love Tom Ford but before that it was something else. I change perfume constantly and once I've changed I don't find a previous sent appealing. I always buy small bottle just so I'm not wasteful.

    What about you?
  2. Are you talking about perfume? I think you mean "scent" not "sent"
    Anyway, I wish I could, but no perfume for me. It all gives me a headache. I can sometimes wear a scented lotion if it's light.
  3. Sorry, I did mean scent. College education and still can't spell...:wtf:
  4. I chose option #1, but I change it up on almost a daily basis! I have dozens of perfumes and the only bottle I've actually finished in the past couple years was a 0.8 oz bottle of D&G Light Blue. If I REALLY love a scent and it wears well on me, I'll wear it maybe 4-5 days a week. But I haven't worn the same fragrance every single day or almost everyday since I was in HS (and I wore Tommy Girl LOL).
  5. Yes I rotate the scents I wear quite regularly, I have a couple for Summer and a couple for Winter.
  6. I usually stick with one: Vera Wang Princess, but since I'm all out currently, I've been switching it up between ones I have.
  7. I have so many fragrances, I practically wear a new one every day. It all depends on my mood and the weather of course. Hot/humid weather calls for scents that bloom and cold weather is good for warm, cuddly incense type perfumes.
  8. I chose the first option but I rotate with my perfumes just the way I rotate with my clothes. I don't usually wear the same for many days in a row unless I just got it. There are some that I prefer in the different seasons though.