Sent buyer wrong item worth $$$, no response to emails, what to do?

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  1. I was hoping I could get a little help with an eBay issue.

    I've been selling my leftover stamps on eBay in lots of 1000. My first shipment, I accidentally shipped 2000 stamps -- twice as many as the buyer purchased (I counted out 100 booklets when I should have only counted out 50). So this buyer bought $420 worth of stamps, and I shipped $840.

    I've emailed the buyer twice, through eBay and through PayPal, asking him to please either refuse the package, or ship the extra stamps back at my expense. No response.

    Is there anything I can do? I'm completely devastated over this mistake. I really needed this money to pay for some emergency expenses this month. :crybaby:
  2. When did you ship the package and when did you contact the buyer?
  3. I shipped on Jan 12, and tracking shows that there was an attempted delivery on Jan 15 (I got signature confirmation). I e-mailed the buyer Jan 14 and 16.
  4. that's awful...i hope you have an honest buyer. has the buyer been responsive prior to this?
  5. The buyer never responded to any emails. I have a sinking feeling I've just a ton of money over a dumb mistake with no recourse. :sad:
  6. So what does the shipping status show now? Delivered or not?
  7. Can you phone the buyer? Maybe you'd get a response if you reached him/her that way.
  8. @lorihmatthews: I tried to look for a phone number, but there's nothing through PayPal, and the buyer's address is a P.O. Box.

    @karmenzsophia: Tracking shows that the package there was a notice left for the buyer to pick up and sign for the package. So it was delivered, but hasn't been picked up. I read somewhere that there's no way to cancel a shipment that has already been sent?
  9. Okay. First of all, your avitar. :heart::heart::heart:!!! How adorable!

    And yes, you may want to go thru eBay and request your buyer's contact information. That's what I would do. Give him a call and explain your situation. I've found that most people on eBay are pretty honest. I hope you get your stamps back! Good luck!
  10. If you mailed it with USPS, you can fill out a stop mail form at your post office. Since the package has not been signed for yet, I would also contact the post office that has the package. Tell them that you want to stop your mail from being delivered. Hopefully, it's not too late!
  11. I feel your pain sister...I sent sold a $1300 suitcase and a $250 key cles and switched the labels...didn't realize it until the woman who was supposed to get the suitcase sent me an email saying "OMG?". I had to try and stop the suitcase from being delievered.

    I went to the post office and had a stop put on the package. They only actually accomplish it 25% of the time but it is worth the shot. You can also call the post office that it was sent to (your local post office may help you determine that) and see if there is anything you can do to have it sent back to you.

    Now, the buyer not answering isn't uncommon, especially if she hasn't picked it up yet. Some people have totally seperate emails for ebay or they just don't check their email often.

    In the end all you can really do is email the buyer (don't harass them with 20 email) until you are sure they are just ignoring you. Be kind and polite, appologetic and completely responsible for the mistake. I would like to think that usually people would do the right thing and be willing to ship the extras back if you pay for the shipping and a couple bucks for their time.

    If you can't get the buyer to return then there is nothing you can do as far as I know other than chalk it up as an expensive mistake and be more careful next time.

    In my situation: someone was watching out for my that day. The cles buyers called (the ones who got an item worth $1000 more than they paid) and were oh so helpful. I WU'd him $100 to have UPS repack and reship it to the actual buyer and I gave them a $75 credit on their item. The suitcase buyer sent the cles back to the actual owner and I gave her a $125 credit. In the end everyone got their item and a decent hunk of money back, and after repeated appologies I was lucky that they were both polite and understanding and left me positive feedback. Again, potentially REALLY expensive mistake (I still lost about $300) wouldn't believe how careful I am now with shipping!!!
  12. Well, it's actually a good think that the buyer hasn't picked up the bag, as it will eventually be returned to you, the sender. I would call that post office and find out how long they wait before they send it back.
  13. Thank you! My avatar is my little hamster, Mochi. :P

    I forgot that you could get contact info through eBay. I haven't had to do that in years, so I completely forgot that was possible. Thank you! I'm getting the info right now!
  14. I'll look into this, thanks! I googled a few things online, but it seemed like the consensus was that it wasn't possible to stop a package. I'll check it out right now.
  15. Depending on how far along, you can cancel a package that's already sent. It may only be for those sent with tracking though.