Sent back Whiskey Legacy Shoulder bag- had white residue

  1. I sent back the Legacy shoulder bag that I just received today because it has white residue on the shoulder strap and on some stitching on the back pocket and seller claims they didn't put anything on it. It also has some black marks on it that I am not liking. Here are some pics...what do you guys think of this white stuff?
  2. woops pics went side by side sorry you'll have to scroll over to see all 3.
  3. Oh gosh. I would have sent that back too! I'm sorry that it came like that. At least the seller let you return it.
  4. I totally would have sent that back for the white residue. The seller appears to have put something on it.
  5. I wouldn't have liked that either. I wonder what that was on there?
  6. Gross, I don't like the looks of that. So glad you could return it.
  7. Hey- that may not be the seller's fault.

    When I got my first XL Lily I did the same thing, but my current one has white residue as well. There is just something about that Whiskey Legacy leather. They are also prone to black marks.

    I can't tell how "severe" it is, but my Lily is beginning to look parched and thirsty.
  8. I suspect it got whatever that black stuff is on it and the seller attempted to clean it using who knows what which left the white residue. So sorry that you bag wasn't as described but I'm glad the seller gave you the refund with no trouble. Don't worry, there is an Ali out there for you!
  9. oh that sucks.. it's such a beautiful bag but you should send it back. Hope it works out OK:yes: