sent a pkg, delivered, buyer did not receive it

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  1. I sent a package with delivery confirmation and shipping insurance ($100).
    The delivery confirmation shows the item was delivered on Jan xx in xxxx.
    But the buyer just sent me a email saying she never received it.
    What should I do ? Can I claim the $100 back since the buyer did not receive
    the item ? When should I refund the buyer the money ? What kind of proof do
    I need to claim the $100 back from the buyer ?
  2. Did you sent the item to her house? Did you used paypal shipping service? Was her address confirmed? I really don't know if you can make a claim if the item appears in fact delivered?
  3. I sent the item to her apartment. It is a confirmed paypal address.
    I did not use paypal shipping service. I went to post office and pay
    the postage there.
  4. Just make sure you have the tracking information in the payment page from PayPal. Also call the post office early tomorrow to see if you can file a claim with the insurance when the item appears as delivered. You will be protected under paypal's seller's protection as long as you provide them with proof that the item was in delivered. Good Luck!
  5. I'd contact the buyer and give her the tracking number. Ask her if the package could have been picked up by a neighbor ... she may be trying to scam you.
  6. i agree with lorihmatthews. What is her feedback like? I live in an apartment and USPS never ever leaves the package outside my door.. they always deliver it to me or someone a little more trustworthy like my superintendent.