Sent a Paddy back to NM today!!!

  1. I ordered a second Paddy from NM and this one came today with no documention and no KEY!!! I was upset and called them immediately. They were super nice and are sending me another bag and sending FEDEX over to pick up the keyless bag. I don't have to tell you guys to check your stuff no matter where you get if from. I never expected something like this from NM.:amazed: :amazed: :hrmm:
  2. NM online or a B&M store? Sometimes the s/a's remove the keys as customers have been known to steal them, then forget to put them back on when they sell the bag!
  3. I'm glad you're getting it replaced quickly. Congrats on your second Paddy. What style and color did you get?
  4. Ginger, I haven't had much luck with paddies and NM at all. It took 3 before I got my lovely Frankenpaddy. I think the NM SA started feeling bad for me.

    Hang in there, send it back, make them give you a good one with everything! Definitely don't settle. I would have never thought that a $1500 bag could have so many flaws in the final product... but apparently... they do...

    Good luck! And yes, where are the pics? What color and what style?
  5. Really!?! How careless of them! I'm glad you're getting it replaceced at once. And post pics when you get your new, hopefully flawless bag...
  6. It was NM online...I didn't know other had problems with them. So far I'm tracking the new one and it should be here Wed. I am definitely not going to settle with a less than perfect bag. Thanks for the input guys.:rolleyes:
  7. Good luck - at this point, most of the bags on are returns. The first one I ordered had signs of wear on the corners, the 2nd one came with starbucks napkins in the pocket, but best of all, mammab got one with a quarter and a tampon inside! :censor: :Push: :mad:
  8. OMG!!

  9. ^^ reallllyyyyy???
  10. :whistle:
    That is disgusting...:shocked: The one they sent me probably was a return. I can't believe they don't check the bags. Well the one they sent me will be also be returned if it's not PERFECT!!! :whistle:
  11. I honestly don't think they check the bags at all. I received a defective bag from NM online and they kept trying to tell me that all the bags were like that and that mine was not an abnormality. It was ridiculous because I had ordered two of them in different colors and they were sitting side by side. It was the worst customer runaround I've ever gotten. Then I took it to the store, and the first thing out of the SA's mouth was "Oh dear, that's a defective bag!"

    Don't give up on your Paddy! It's out there looking for you!
  12. Ick! That is gross. I don't understand why they don't check the bags though... I once got a Chloe Silverado and there were crumbs and pet hair/human hair in the pocket.
  13. arggh, that is so not good.. I would return it if it had yucky stuff on it..
  14. I have actually read posts on this forum (not Chloe) where people have suggested that undecided Buyers take their bags out for a couple of weeks and then they can return them if they don't like them. :shocked: I think that is dishonest and unscrupulous. It is one thing to pack your stuff in it and waltz back and forth in front of a mirror or post pictures here for honest opinions on how it looks. But once a bag is USED it is USED and should not be returned as new. :shocked: This is taking advantage of generous return policies and ultimately harms everyone. I consider it as horrific as stealing locks and keys and tags and sleepers and all! :yucky:

    Stepping off of soapbox.
  15. Oh yes I is totally dishonest to "use" a bag and then send it back. What is worst is for the store to try to pawn it off on another buyer as new merchandise. I am so disappointed now...goodness this is as bad as getting a knockoff. Are there any sites truely safe to buy online?:mad: What about Net-A-Porter? I never had a problem with Elux.