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  1. All of my Rebecca Minkoff bags set off store alarms. All have been purchased thru the website and I no longer keep the Vincent/care card in the bags. I have no clue what to do. I have taken my empty bags into stores just to test the theory. Anyone else have this problem? It's becoming so distressing that I don't even like going to stores to shop anymore. Thanks!

  2. Could you go into a store and ask them to put it over their little desensor thing? Explain what happened? It happened to me a long time ago with a coach bag. It went off and I explained it to the person when I was paying and she put my bag over that thing and it fixed it.
  3. I have had to have a store do that for me twice :sad: Once the person was scolded by their manager for doing it though.
  4. i don't get it. what exactly happened? do you mean there's magnetic stuff sealed inside the bag that triggers the alarm?
  5. Mine was a wallet and the magnetic piece hadn't been removed.
  6. Well I have turned the bag inside out checking for sensors and finally, this evening, I went to TJ Maxx just so I could take my empty bag into the store and have it scanned over the sensor scrambler device the have. It didn't set off the alarm when I walked out so I am hoping that worked. I literally turned the bag inside out looking for sensors similar to those hidden in coach bags (black thin sticky strips) and found nothing. Fingers crossed that I don't continue to set the store alarms off! Thanks so much for the suggestions!
  7. I hope it worked!
  8. so, i suppose it applies to bags with magnetic closure only?
  9. I have a black mam (blue/black polka dots lining) so no magnetic stuff there! The sales associate indicated that occasionally sensors are sewn into bags and cannot be removed, but rather the loss prevention dag is deemed nonfunctional after running the tag thru some type of sensor that scrambles the signal.
  10. Glad it was fixed. Hope it doesn't go off anywhere else.