Sensible considerations: is my Birkin no 2 Etoupe or Orange?

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Will my second and last Birkin be Etoupe or Orange

  1. Choose Etoupe. It's neutral and different enough from Graphite

  2. Choose Orange. It's classic and wild at the same time.

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  1. Until now I do not feel the consequences of the credit crisis. However, I do feel it is time to consider how much bag a person needs. Or to be more concrete? Do I need more than one Birkin? Or more than two?

    I have a wonderful 35 Graphite Birkin that I appreciate even more. I have ordered an Etoupe Birkin and I am longing for an Orange Birkin. Could you please help me in deciding in what my second (and probably last????) Birkin will be:

    - Etoupe as a lighter summer basic. Do you think that Etoupe will give me enough added value considering that I already have a Graphite Birkin?

    - Etoupe as a wild popping color but classic at the same time?

    I would really appreciate your comments!

    My H collections consists of (besides the Graphite Birkin) an Orange Lindy and an Indigo GP. I have some Chanel and LV vernis bags as well.

    Thanx LPF-ers!!! :nuts:
  2. Etoupe, that way you have a summer and a winter bag......although etoupe is a good year round colour. Getting the orange Birkin may make your Lindy redundant
  3. If you have an orange lindy I would go with a different pop of color in a Birkin.
    Red? Blue?
  4. Good suggestion TT, gotta love a rouge g Birkin!
  5. if you have a mute colour go with a wild colour. alternate your purchases that way... mute, wild, mute, wild...

    orange is a great colour. i like the H orange, gorgeous, juicy colour.
  6. I was thinking the same thing as TankerToad..if you already have a Graphite and an Orange bag why don't you go for a different colour??maybe something Blue??
  7. I keep asking the same questions daily and instead of answers, I got birkins popping up in my closet.:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  8. Mmm, yes. That's a sensible consideration...
  9. I would have said orange, but you already have an orange lindy. So I would go with etoupe. Either way, you can't go wrong!
  10. TT: I was convinced I wanted Soleil. But decided that I am not a 'yellow' person. That would be too big a step from my 'black-all-year-round-choices'. Yes, a blue Birkin would be nice! I am always drooling when I admire the Blue de Prusse Birkins. And I might like the new colour Ciel a lot.

    Empress: Sounds like a good colour strategy! My love for Orange started when I started longing for an Orange Birkin. I then thought I 'needed' an Orange Birkin as well to have even more Orange fun.

    Sophieees: What kinds of blue would you recommend? Do you have a blue bag yourself?

    Ken-doll: hahahahahahahahaha!
  11. Pfoeh... I actually relieved that - like Mooks - you are indirectly stating that Etoupe is not too close to Graphite. Perhaps I am just getting cold feet. It won't be long before I will receive the Etoupe bag I've ordered... And I starting to get convinced that 2 Birkins will be enough for me. :yes:
  12. Like you I'm starting, or maybe trying, to be convinced that two is enough......these big price increases are making me think again about getting a third bag

    BTW graphite was going to be my third
  13. No sadly I don't have one (yet) but there are sooo many gooorgeous blues out there ..I always :drool: over the pics in the reference library ...or how about raisin (:heart:)???
  14. I would defo consider rouge H monica! or Brighton Blue.

    Mooks, I think Graphite is pretty close to black, what about a rouge G for you?
  15. Or prune with Gold hardware is a stunning bag!