sense and sensebility

  1. just watched it tonight at tv, and i totally LOVE it....
    i think it's a very nice movie, nice castings...

    anyone like it?
  2. Great movie. :yes:
  3. i like the a&e pride and prejudice movie better, but sense and sensibility was pretty good too. the book is definetly better!
  4. I love Sense and Sensibility!! I just think it's such a romantic movie. Love it! :girlsigh:
  5. This is one of my favourite movies! I loooove the Colonel's character. He's the sweetest!
  6. Which version? The one with Emma Thompson? It is an excellant version and Emma got a well deserved oscar for her screen play adaption :smile:

    I do, still prefer the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice (also knowm as the A&E one, as A&E optioned it from the BBC).
  7. yes, it's the one with emma thompson...
  8. I didn't know that ! :nuts: :yahoo:

    Sense & Sensibility is one of my favorite movies + I can watch it over and over again...

    I love the soundtrack too :heart:
  9. I'm a HUGE Jane Austen fan, so naturally, I've also amassed a few of the movies on DVD. If you're looking to watch something similar, you should also rent:

    - Mansfield Park
    - Persuasion
    - Pride and Prejudice (DEFINITELY the A&E version, although the one with Kiera Knightley did an honorable job...hard to hold a candle to the A&E version)
    - Emma (I actually prefer the Kate Beckinsale A&E version)
  10. thank u SuLi
  11. I love this movie (and book) as well. Emma Thompson and the actor who plays Willoughby (sp?) are together in real life and have a child. I always hoped he would get it together in the end...alas, he didn't.
  12. i like the movie...i have the dvd of it. :biggrin:
  13. :wtf::wtf:he seem much younger....well...r they still together??...
  14. It's a great book and movie. I like Pride and Prejudice better.

  15. yes I think they are ! :tup: