Senreve Mini Maestra v. Antigona v. Alma - Size comparison


Jun 12, 2020
Hi there!

I am looking for the perfect combination of a slightly smaller purse and a midsized purse to take with me on a daytrip for example. The bags I am looking at are:
- Senreve mini maestra
- Givenchy Antigona mini or small
- LV Alma (EPI!) BB or PM

Could anyone help me out with these sizes? I gather that the antigona mini/alma BB and the Antigona small/alma pm are more or less similar in size (is that true?), but I don't know where to put the mini maestra in that comparison.

Pictures would be greatly appreciated!
Jun 27, 2016
I can't say anything about the size comparison but I owned a mini maestra. The quality was great but I sold it because I was very bothered with the fact, that the bag tilted forward when I used it crossbody or on the shoulder and the straps were too short to wear it as a backpack when I wore a coat.