Senreve - doctor bag

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  1. 3809E238-9F19-4B33-88C0-8174332937AF.jpeg I had the opportunity to visit their store in SF back in December 2018. Met one of the cofounders ( and her doggie too). Bought the doctor bag in smooth mocha leather. Have been carrying her a few times a week through rain and shine. So far quite happy with it. Initially I was a bit worried about the flap/closure might be difficult to get in and out of things. Turned out it’s not bad at all, and it adds some accents to the overall design.
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  2. 156EA8DE-41A1-45D0-8B87-4F2325DF24BE.jpeg I took advantage of Senreve’s autumn promotion in September and added a second doctor bag .. this time in blush pebble leather. I have been carrying her non-stop since it arrived! I like this leather a lot ( more structured) and the blush color is a lovely neutral that goes with everything!
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