1. Anyone else with "senioritis?"

    I have it bad. I didn't do ANY homework over spring break. I haven't really been doing a whole lot of homework regardless actually.
    Although I'm in art college, so I can go about it certain ways like occasionally work small for example.

    But yeah I am a senior, although I have one more semester left. I just can't wait to get out. I am so tired-- always tired no matter how much I sleep.

    I'm just so completely over college. I would never let it get to the point that I fail and I still do good.

    I'm just DONE with it-- I can't wait until I graduate.

    Anyone else got terrible SENIORITIS?!?
  2. I have don't-want-to-write-my-thesis-itis! LOL. I have about 15 pages and one month left before I'm Jillybean M.A, and I cannot motivate myself to finish it. I'm having the hardest time dragging myself to class, I just want it to be over with.
  3. YES! I have college art senioritis too! absolutely ready to be done yet so stressed out!! the moment I get my BFA this spring Im celebrating!:yahoo:
  4. UM I have Senioritis like WHOOOOA!!! I cant even describeeeeee how I want to get the BLEEP out!!!!
  5. oh yes. I have on degree already, finishing up my second BA degree and I just..dont want to do it anymore. And its even worse because this semester is all online. lol.
  6. Don't have it.. been out of the loop for multiple years. Sorry.
  7. Yup... I cannot wait to finish up college. I'm graduating in another month or so =)
  8. But is anyone else procrastinating like crazy or feeling like a zombie? haha
  9. I'm procrastinating like there is no tomorrow... :push:
  10. too much of a nerd to not want to do my work!
  11. I've had it since I graduated in 2003 :biggrin:
  12. I have a terrible case of it! I'm in my last semester of high school and I have sooooo much work to and I don't care! At all!

    At this point I don't even care if I get good long as I pass and I'm able to graduate, I'll be happy.
  13. Had it, and left school around 10:30 am everyday... lol.
  14. Majorly. And it doesn't help that I feel like I'm jumping through hoops in order to graduate. If you're my minor advisor and you're reading this: answer your freaking e-mails or call me!
  15. haha we must go to the same school! My advisor really couldnt care less that I NEED his advice and assistance more than ever to graduate, he's avoided me for the last 4 years, why should he start to care now??