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Senior Research Paper


May 12, 2006
Hello alllllllllll ! :smile:

Well...it came time to write my senior research paper and I was wondering if anyone had an idea for my topic? I'm clueless! I know there are a lot of issues today, but I wanted to write about something I enjoyed. Since I will be majoring in fashion, I thought of doing The fashion industry and the American economy, but I found absolutely nothing! I found that strange since fashion is the second largest industry in the US.
I have to go to work, but I'm gonna check back later..

Thanks for all of ur help :P
Ciaooo :P


Mar 9, 2006
It's probably best for you to come up with the idea on your own since you're going to spend a lot of time writing about it. :yes: The fashion industry and the economy is a HUGE topic & way to big for a paper (there are dozens of books written about it!).

I suggest you try to write down a few ideas that interest you, and do some initial research on google. You can then narrow it down to the idea interests you the most.

You'll find something!