Senior Kitty Extractions Part III: Cancer

  1. As many of you have read, my senior kitty had her teeth cleaned and had two teeth pulled out as well as the bone surroudning the teeth. However, she didn't get better, so they found out the canine next to the pulled teeth was loose and the holes in her mouth (where teeth pulled) where getting larger. So they took out her 3rd tooth and then tried as best as they can to sew up the whole and took a tissue out/biopsy (which looked bright red and scary). This time she's healing well, but the result of the biopsy was cancer :sad: and was referred to an oncologist. (its her upper mannible)

    I've decided that since she's so old (18), with prior health conditions, and the fact that according to my Vet and websites they have to remove 1/2 the face/chemo etc.. and I don't want her to suffer anymore. She's not allowed to eat solid food, and she loves food. She's tolerating the syringe feeding (1 can of A/D) but I can't bare to see her suffer anymore. Moreover, I'm afraid to see when the cancer gets worse how she will feel.

    So I 've decided to let her go to kitty heaven early next week. Though, I'm paranoid that something bad will happen between now and Monday, but she's still healthy and jumps, plays, etc.. so I'm hoping the cancer won't suddenly take a turn for the worse.

    I feel so depressed, last year I lost my MOther (car accident) and my other cat (who was only 7). :crybaby:

    Why am I writing this? Well, some of you have sent me PMs in concern, so wanted to write this reply. Also, in a strange way it comforts me. Also not sure if MOnday is too late, or being too paranoid ..
  2. I am so sorry ... your kitty must have a great life to be 17. You are doing the right thing for her and she knows that. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time ...
  3. I am so sad to hear your bad news i think that you have definitely made the right decision. Do not worry that something terrible will happen before Monday although i am not a vet i have had 3 cats (over a long period of time)die from cancer it is usually a very slow process and you really will know when the time is right. I will be thinking about you on Monday. :heart: If i can be of any help regarding information etc. please PM me.
  4. My heart goes out to you and your dear kitty.I've been in your shoes on more ocassions than I like to remember.Just remember you are doing what's best for your much loved kitty.((Hugs))
  5. Saphynne... I am so sorry about the news... I am so sad, too. I used to work in veterinary oncology specialty hospital and unfortunately have seen many cats with oral cancer...and it is a tough cancer for a cat to go through. I don't think you decision of 'waiting' is wrong. If she still has an appetite, that is one of the good signs. And like I say to everyone who is at that time of making the decision to say good-bye, your kitty will let you know when the time is right. Don't worry too much, just spend your last days with your kitty and continue to be the best mommy... Lots of tuna, chicken, turkey, or anything your kitty desires... HUGS to you and your kitty...
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty...I know its a hard decision for you. Not letting her suffer is the the best thing you could do for her though. Its so hard for us to let them go, but we have to remember what is best for them also.
    It appears that you've had a hard year, I wish there was something that I could say or do to make you feel better... but I'll send you a ((hug)) and keep you and your kitty in my prayers. :flowers:
  7. :heart: Oh, I'm so sad to hear this. By not letting her suffering get worse, you are giving her the most loving gift possible. Our pets depend on us to do the right thing for them and you realize that this is right.

    Prayers and ((hugs)) to you and kitty.
  8. I read your post with tears in my eyes for what you and your kitty are going through at this time. I know all too well as I lost my dear 15 yr. old KeeKee just 2 1/2 weeks ago due to renal failure. It was heartbreaking knowing what was called upon me to do...but it was a relief for him. He was such a good boy and deserved to go in peace as he was ready. My heart and thoughts go out to you and your kitty. Cherish your moments and you will know when it is time..And the loss of your mother and your other kitty, too. Oh, my...I cannot imagine. Bless you....
  9. I am sorry!! And huge hugs!
  10. My heart goes out to you and especially to your beloved cat.
  11. So sorry about this, it is the hardest thing we have to do with our pets. you are in my thoughts
  12. I am so sorry......hugs to you and your kitty!
  13. Thank you everyone for your kind words:crybaby:

    I hurt badly because I know she still feels ok (appetite-but nto allowed to eat any food except syringe food), can jump around to her favorite sleeping spots, etc.. but I know once the cancer gets worse it will be painful (and there really is no pain killer for cats). Deep down I know though, she has lived a wonderful, healthy 18 years loved by me and my family. Just the though that she can never eat solid food, drink water on her own (her favorite hobby) and has to sneeze snot which gets worse.. and waste away, makes me so sad.

    In the end, its my responsibility to "let her go" before she suffers, and her quality of life goes down even further. I just wish she didn't have to go through two surgeries (three extractions) before it was discovered.

    sorry im rambling.. i'm just so sad right now..

    My only happiness is knowing she got me through, highschool, college law school, bar exam, my mothers death and other cats death and gave me 18 wonderful years of companionship. :crybaby::crybaby:
  14. I wanted to post again--it seems so many members are facing this sad time with their pets.

    I've never had a dog live nearly as long as your cat has lived, so I can't fully understand how hard this is for you. I just know how devastated I feel when one of our dogs passes away. Remember (like TravelBug said) if you hadn't been such a wonderful mommy to her, she wouldn't have made it this long. She owes her long life to your loving care.

    :heart: and (((hugs)))
  15. Now I know its time. Last night, when I tried to give her water (syringe) and medication, she freaked out and afterwards it was obvious that she was in serious pain. She made lil' whinny noises under her purring and looked blankly at me and her loved ones.

    Then she was ok went to sleep and cuddles up into me tightly, but every hour she gets up and stares at me. I believe she's telling me she is sufferng and its time. She can no longer probably drink water or eat anymore. In fact, I gave her some milk (naughty but her favorite bad food she tries to get ) and she was so happy she gobbled it up but aftwards was sneezing so hard and spitting it up.

    Right now, I'm going to run to the after-hours/24 hour hospital and help her cross the rainbow bridge. There, she will find her buddy Blitzen (died 6 months) and my Mother (her other favotie meowmie) waiting for her. :crybaby:Hopefully, when I pass one all three of them will remember me and be waiting for me too.