Senior Kitty Extraction: The Aftermath.. questions

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  1. As I discussed in a prior post, my senior kitty (17.5 yrs with hypterthyroid) had to have her teeth cleaned and two teeth/with some bone were removed. The reason we discovered she had issues was due toher excessive drool (very smelly, rotten smelling clear drool) and hiting her mouth while eating.Prior to the surgery, she was put on Clavamox then Baytril. She only took Baytril 2 days prior to surgery.

    After the surgery, she was put on antibiotics (Cefa-Drops) it ran out after 11 days. 5 days after the surgery, she went in for a follow-up and the doctor said to finish off the Cefa and use the Baytril (which was left over) if the problems don't clear.

    She was making a great recovery, but three days ago she started to drool again (right side, where the extractions were). This time isntead of smelly drool it was snotty drool (thick a tiny bit yellow, smells like snot), I assumed it would go away but isntead now its getting worse. Also, I think her face is sorta swollen on that side too. So today I tried to make an appt with Vet but he wont' be back until Tuesday. She isn't eating or drinking as much, (3/4 ration), so I decided to give her some extra calories (Nutri-Cal). Also, strangely she begged for scraps of teh roasted chicken I made and had absolutely no problems eating that ! However, she acts normal she still hops around to her favorite places and looks/acts very happy. But, the drool is scaring me!

    Also, I just started her back on Baytril (11 mg) a day. I'm soworried, I have to get through four days without the Vet !!

    Anyone have any of their pets go through a similar problem after dental cleaning/extractions. (e.g. Drooling with no fever).

    *prays for her lil old kitty*
  2. It sounds like your kitty is having infection... Smelly drol is pus... And the face is swollen, right? Did you stop giving her the antibiotics? If she is not eating for more than 48 hrs, you need to take her in. If not your regular vet, to an emergency/critical care type of hospital where it is open 24/7 and on holidays. You MUST complete the prescribed antibiotics WITHOUT stopping in the middle because if you do, the bacteria will flourish worse, and then you have to put her on something different since the initial antibiotics will not work... Infection in the mouth can be painful and that will affect her appetite. And she is hyperthyroid on top of that, right? (Are you treating this condition?) Anyway, I would not wait longer... I know emergency vet visits can cost, but you really want to stay on top of this and not let her get any worse... You may want to re-start her antibiotics regimen...
  3. Yes I gave her the entire dose of antibiotics for 10 days. I had the Baytril from before, which the doctor prescribed prior to surgery and told me to stop giving her. He advised to only use it after the antibiotics he gave he finished after surgery and if she has any futher problems. SO i jsut started her today on the Baytril. As far as food, she eats 3/4 the amount she normally eats.
    She's still in good spirits though. I'm just worried. The Vet probably made an error and gave her only enough for 8 days (the Cef not the Baytril). She probably should of been on the Cef for a longer period of time :sad:

    I'll just monitor and if she gets any worse or stops eating I'll just have to take her to emergency.

    In the meantime, I'm so worried.

    And yes of coures I"ve been treating her for the Hyperthyroid! She's been on Tapazole for the past 8 years and her T levels have been perfect the past 5 years. She gets tested ever 3 months.
  4. Good, good! I know we worry about our fur babies! By the way, have you considered treating her hyperthyroidism with I-131, radioactive iodine? Tapazole will only 'control' (i.e. thyroid tumor will keep growing) hyperthyroidism, but I-131 will pretty much 'cure' it. Tapazole for 5 yrs is a long time. I had one cat who was a hospital cat and on Tapazole for 4 yrs. When I adopted him, his thyroid tumor was huge! I am sure you have already discussed all the options with the vet, so please forgive me for being nosey... If you want to know more about I-131 tx, I work for a specialty hospital that does it so let me know if I can help. I can't help it, it is the nature of my profession... Sorry...:P
    Anyway, hope the antibiotics will do it. And they usually should. If the infection is to a point that it is producing pus, then you might have to give the antibiotics for longer. I would take her to the vet anyway when he opens after the holidays if she is doing okay until then. I think the vet needs to see the extraction lesion to determine the appropriate course of treatment and for your peace of mind!!! I recently had my 15 yr old kidney failure kitty go under anesthesia for extractions. She healed well with no complication and she was on pain meds and Clavamox for her antibiotics. If your vet had to take some bone, that is pretty invasive, too. Cats are great hiders of pain, and I just would not want you to go too long with your kitty drooling. Keep up the good mommy Saphynne!
  5. This does very much sound like she has an infection in where the teeth was taken out. If it was me I would take her to the emergency vet, if the infection gets into her blood stream she could get a lot worse, plus its better to get her check out before everything shuts down for the holidays.
  6. ^^^
    You know, if you are worried now, two more days of worrying is going to be tough... Going to an emergency vet to make sure may give you peace of mind, which is whole lot better than regretting later...