Senior gala dress/See by Chloe

  1. Hi everyone! I'm kind of new here, but I read through posts all the time and you all are so helpful so I'd thought I'd give it a try. :p I have my senior gala for college graduation coming up next week, and I have been searching and searching for a dress. I am located in Boston, and sadly, the shopping here has not been working out for me (I've tried Newbury, Copley/Prudential, Concord, Burlington, Chestnut Hill, etc.). The only dress I've found that I really like is this one:
    but I don't have time to order it now and I would rather try it on anyway (esp. when spending almost $500!!). I am wondering if anyone has ever seen this dress in person...Or if anyone knows where to find See by Chloe somewhere in New England/East Coast. I'm also open to suggestions for something new. I am looking for something kind of simple so that it can be reused in the future (so pretty "mature" since I'm going into the real world, haha), preferably black or black with other color(s), and short. However, I would like something that goes a bit beyond the normal, plain, little black dress. I like the tent dresses I've been seeing (I really like a seersucker one by Tracy Reese) but my mom, who is helping to fund this purchase, thinks they are unflattering (aka. they are too maternity). My roomie bought this dress (in black) that I was actually considering as my back-up, so I guess it puts it out of the running: I would really appreciate any help/advice!! Thanks so much in advance!!!
  2. ^this dress is too cute:p
  3. Neiman Marcus in Copley sells See by Chloe.

    You may want to check out Gretta Luxe in Copley, Intermix on Newbury St, Serenella On Newbury St. (though they sell mostly designer clothes), Reiss on Newbury, Wish on Charles, Stil on Newbury St., Mint Julep in Harvard Square, Barneys Co-op in Copley for dresses.
  4. Also, you could wear the tent dress with a belt to satisfy your mom, and afterwards have a cute dress for the summer. :flowers:
  5. thank you all so much for your help! i am definitely going to go and check out the stores you suggested sonya, and the anne klein dress is really cute so it looks like i should make a trip to macy's as well. :smile: thanks again!