sending your Hermes to the spa

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  1. I am wondering if Hermes will accept a bag to their spa if it was not purchased at Hermes:s ?
  2. As in not purchased in a Hermes boutique (e.g. Neimans, Decades, etc) or not a Hermes bag altogether?
  3. If the bag is an authentic Hermes bag, then yes, they will accept it.
  4. One member posted that her friend had purchased a Kelly years ago and had it dyed. Hermes refused to touch it. I guess because the dye can no longer be matched. Anyway, they will accept a bag not purchased at their store, as long as it hasn't been altered.
  5. oops, sorry:shame: . a Hermes bag not purchaed from a boutique.
  6. great!!! thank you:flowers: .

  7. thank you hermesgroupie. there is a bag i have been admiring:love: and was curious as to if Hermes would accept it to the spa. it has not been altered. it just has some scuff marks to the bottom and slight wear to the corners. HW looks amazing.
    i guess the scuffs to the bottom and wear to the corners can occur from the bag hitting or rubbing against walls, door etc:s ? if its a neutral color, it can be touched up? will there be a service fee for this?
  8. It depends on the leather and the extend of the damage how much the bag can be refurbished. There will definitely be a fee.
  9. How long does the trip to the spa usually take? Say if it goes all the way to Paris from Canada?
  10. I can't speak for Paris but here in the states my SPA treatments have taken from 4 to 8 weeks and the cost varied from $80 to $100USD.
  11. ^^^ Yep! Which means you'd better carefully choose a period when you are almost sure you won't need to use your bag. And be ready to miss it a lot anyway! Here in Europe it's from 4 weeks to a bit more than two months.
    The positive thing is that when the bag comes back the results are usually astonishing :yes:
  12. good to know. thank you.
  13. i guess its well worth the wait if it will come back looking amazing.
  14. I've never been even remotely disappointed. As with all things Hermes the wait is well worth the delicious result.
  15. My bag was sent to Paris from Vienna/Austria (my nearest boutique). I paid 150 Euros (which was a bit of a shock) and had to wait 6 weeks. The result is truly amazing though.