Sending your goodies from Europe

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  1. If I decide not to bring the goodies with me flying and not to bother about tax refund, do H stores ship?

    Any experiences shipping your purchases from Europe to Asia or to the US? Any idea of the approximate costs?

  2. I think they do ship it and really depends on what you buy. In Europe, they should deduct the tax for you if you indicated it will ship of the EU community, but you had to declare tax when send to US. In Asia, I do not think they do any tax refund though.
  3. So far I only know that the mothership will ship not sure about other H stores in Europe. It's about Euro180 for a bag to Asia. And the tax refund is already deducted in the store when you make the payment.
  4. Thanks Pretty99 and Queenie!

    I am hoping to score more than one bag during my trip to Europe later in the summer and am exploring all the possibilities.

    I hope they do help ship, hmm, perhaps I'll give them a call.

    Will let you guys know too.
  5. They will ship but the you will pay the US custom tax after you get your bag.
  6. I bought an H bag in Paris...I had it shipped so I paid the shipping cost but they took the VAT off immediately....

    it came via fedex OVERNIGHT to the USA and fedex just sent me the customs bill for it about a month later. I lost the bill so I will have to wait till they send me another notice :smile:
  7. I believe it's about $300-600 in taxes depending if it's leather or exotic.
  8. Japster, I have seen cases where it is much more in non-exotics! Just be prepared...buyer beware.
  9. I paid about 8% in taxes. the bag was about 5,000 euroes...and my bill was $650.