Sending to an unconfirmed address???

  1. Hello.

    I have just had a ten day auction for an Authentic Dior gaucho bag on eBay. The item sold for like 580.00 British Pounds (not great, but a little more than half price..oh well) Anyway, I just received a pay pal pending e cheque from the buyer. It's an unconfirmed address. In fact, the address is to a Law Office (perhaps the buyers work address?) My auction clearly stated that I will only ship to a confirmed address. Obviously the buyer didn't read through the auction or chose to ignore it. The buyer is from the UK, as am I.

    What should I do? I know it's not a good idea to send to an unconfirmed address, and I have already emailed the buyer about this. I am not a big eBay seller, only sell a few of my own things from time to time. Problem is, I can also be a bit of softy as times and have a feeling she will try to convince me to send. I need some reassurance that it is better to cancel this sale and relist rather than send to unconfirmed buyer.

    What a waste of time. I am so dissapointed.:sad:
  2. Please cancel, and see if the buyer can provide a confirmed address. I have been scammed before sending to a non-confirmed address. There's an old thread somewhere about this.

    Buyer could be using someone else's paypal. Better to be safe than sorry!
  3. If you're both in the UK and something goes wrong like she scams you, can't you contact the police and let them deal with it?
  4. I was scamed by sending to an unconfirmed address, the buyer used a stolen credit card. Paypal will sned the money straight back to the CC company and your account will be debited. Just be careful...
  5. Fair point. In fact, my brother-in-law is a Police Detective in the town she lives in:yes: Could call in a favor there!

    So, are you suggesting that the unconfirmed address thing is only a big issue if you are sending to a country other than your own?

    Excuse my ignorance, I just haven't encountered this issue before and don't want to make a mistake.

  6. I am sure it applies everywhere but I guess in other countries it would be harder to do anything about it. Having said that, if the person has used a stolen CC what could be done? The company will just reverse the money like I said and Paypal will debit your account. I am not saying she is doing this, as I know sometimes it takes a while to get confirmed..
  7. Her eBay ID shows she has been a member since 2000, so I don't understand why she doesn't have a confirmed address. Oh I don't know what to do, I don't want to be unreasonable, but don't want to get scammed either.

    I do appreciate all of your advice!

  8. Without the confirmed address, you don't have the paypal protection. Like misbradshaw says, if the transaction is fraudulent, Paypal will send the money back to the cc company. BUT if the buyer is in the same country it's easier to threaten them and scare them about contacting the police, and even better that you know Police Detective in the area! That's just my opinion. If you're worried, maybe even lookup the law office for phone number and call them to make sure such a person exist.

    About confirmed addresses... Only the UK, US and Canada can have confirmed addresses with Paypal. If you only ship to confirmed addresses, then you are losing potential customers in the rest of the world including all of Europe, Asia and Australia! I'm in Australia and I don't (can't) have a confirmed address! I'm not dodgy! :sad: I think buyers should be judged on their merits...
  9. Thanks for your reply. I have sent to Europe, and know their addreses can't be confirmed. That is why I am questioning one from the UK. It doesn't make sense to me why they are not confirmed being a member since 2000. I would love to give the buyer the benefit of the doubt, that's the kind of person I am, but reading some ebay posts have scared me a bit. I have never had any hassles on ebay and don't want one!

    Not an easy decision.

  10. I do understand and I don't want to give you advice that will get you into trouble later. With everything wrong with ebay and paypal at the moment, you need to be cautious.

    Does the buyer have good feedback? See what the buyer says about not having a confirmed address. If her excuse sounds plausible, then do some research about her. Look up her office phone number, give her a call. If you decide to send it, then remember to have delivery confirmation and tracking.

    If you still don't feel comfortable, then just refund her the money and ask for a confirmed address. 580GBP is a lot of money!
  11. Hi

    I agree with all of the advice that you've been given before. Please be very cautious, since I'm in the middle of a dispute involving both the police and a civil action here in the UK. There is a difference. The police here have been great about getting involved with a crime i.e. the person I bought from claims her ID is stolen and this is something the police can investigate. But they cannot get involved in reclaiming my money. That becomes a civil matter and I am left to pursue this through the small claims court. If the seller is broke, I will not get any money back.

    Each case on its own merits, but hope this helps you decide what's best for you.
  12. ^^ Can't you just get the item back from them with some compensation? It's good the police could help.
  13. She probably feels safer sending it to work, than home. She may live somewhere unsafe to receive packages. Or maybe the package will sit in the rain if it is shipped to her house.

    If she is a member in good standing, if you have Signarue Confirmation & Insurance in the UK, then I would make sure you get a signature confirmation and insure the package.
  14. Ebay makes you go through a song and a dance to confirm an address if you don't receive credit card bills there.

    You could also tell her to contact PP to do the work to confirm the address and then wait until then to ship. That might take a few weeks.
  15. Right. Just received an email from the buyer. She and her husband own a law office and they use their work address since they are not home during the day. Sounds reasonable enough, but as lawyers, it's a bit annoying that they were clearly ignoring my ebay "contract" with them about only shipping to confirmed address. If they had simply emailed me before bidding, we could have discused this. Now I am stuck in a could I should I situation. If I try to relist on ebay, I am not even sure if it will go through since they block a lot of authentic designer bag auctions these days! If I send it special delivery, signed for, it's insured up to 500 British Pounds. But all that covers is that they actually deliver to the address you requested. Not much protection, really. I looked up their law office, and it exsits.

    I just really wish people could follow the rules and honest people don't have to be put in an uncomfortable position.:wtf: