Sending some love to TPFs Nike Golf for an Orange and Brown Xmas!

  1. Hello H Ladies!

    This is my first thread in the H Forum. I've been in LV Land for most of my life and am just begining my love affair with orange (God help me!). My husband, Mr. Nike Golf has made 2007 a special one with loads of LV presents.

    He complained quite a bit and kept remarking how much he missed the days when I loved Coach. I am almost positive that 2008 will be the year he misses LV.

    My first orange box came as a Push Present for the birth of my little boy:

    I wasn't sure what Xmas would bring but I knew he would try and make is a special one because he's a really great guy.

    So, this thread is a shout out to you, Nike Golf for my first Orange and Brown Xmas. You're a wonderful husband, and I thank you!!!
  2. Brown and Orange, love it!!
    DSC00072.JPG DSC00073.JPG
  3. I was hoping for a Massai but two days before Xmas my lovely LV SA called me to tell me that my Grail LV bag, the Mahina XL was in. Hubby gave the go ahead and we picked her up. I didn't expect to get anything else for Xmas.

    So glad I was wrong!!!

    I got the first little orange package on Xmas Eve. I was so surprised when he brought it out! It was nice to go to sleep with visions of H in my head.

    I got the 2nd bigger box Christmas Morning. He actually captured some great pictures of my face opening it but I was in my PJs and no make up...can't scare you all away with those pictures!!!
    DSC00060.JPG IMG_4420.JPG IMG_4425.JPG
  4. Go Rileygirl.....I Can't Wait to See!!!!
  5. DARN, baby boy just woke up...Nike Golf is rolling his eyes at me so I need to get baby back to sleep and then will be back! LOL
  6. Ok, back to the little orange boxes!
  7. Ulysses MM Notebook in Anise with Travel Refills
    GM Leather Agenda in Blue Jean
    and Kelly Caleche Perfume
  8. The coolest part about my orange and brown Xmas is that although my hubby and I share our LV SA he now has his very own H SA (even has her number in his cell) and she is an incredible one who helped him pick out the beginnings of my H rainbow.

    So, Nike Golf, is you're reading this thread, you did a great job and I am thankful for my wonderful Christmas pressies. I love them!!!!
  9. rileygirl, Congrats!! :smile:
  10. Rileygirl, what a lovely husband! He really did good, congratulations.
    The orange and brown shoppers go so well together. :yes:
    I see you're on a ban but come on, what's next on your wishlist? :biggrin:
  11. Whoa, what a fabulous DH you have!! Vert Anis is one of my most favorite H colors. I LOVE your new Ulysse and of course the other goodies, too! They look stunning together, too! Congratulatons!!!!
  12. Congrats! Those are some MAJOR presents you got!
  13. Stunning presents. Congratulations. What a sweet DH.
  14. RILEY!!!!! I have SO missed you! Merry Christmas!! A few times over!!!:party:

    I am so Glad to see you here! WOWZA! What a fabulous husband you have!!! I knew it would relatively soon before you came on in. Welcome my friend!

    For those of you who don't know Riley, she is absolutely adoreable and is so sweet. She gave birth right before I did and we have been slowly moving over to the Hermes forum kind of together. I was a little bit faster LOL!

    :yahoo:..I love your items!!! :love:
  15. Thank you, you are all so sweet. Ghost is right, we both made the move to H around the same time. Thanks Ghost, you are a sweetie yourself! I've been a little crazy and will be back in touch with you SOON!!!

    Since my husband was so indulgent this year I've been trying to take HIM over the orange side slowly, LOL. He already got his first H piece, the Bastia in Gold. He's very, very impressed with H, loves his SA, and always tries to please me, so, I am hoping 2008 is an orange year.

    As for next on my list, I am hoping for some Rose Shocking for Valentines Day, a few scarves, and my Massai by the end of the year.