Sending outlet pieces to boutique for service. Will boutique accept?

  1. Hi.. I'm making plans to travel to LA end of the year and I'm planning to visit one of the Coach outlets. May I know if Coach boutique provides service such as repairs on outlet pieces? Appreciate if anyone can share this with me, i.e, have you ever send outlet pieces to Coach boutique for repair/cleaning? Cos, where I'm from, there's no such thing as Coach outlet. But the boutiques provide cleaning/repair services. So I'm concern should the boutiques here not accept outlet pieces for repair. :girlsigh:

    Thanks much!! :flowers:
  2. I believe that Coach stands by all its products, regardless of where you bought them. Since most items that need serious repair get sent away to a central location, I would imagine your boutique would have no issue with handling your outlet purchase for cleaning or repair.
  3. Yeah, it's still Coach, it doesn't matter where you bought it! I've sent bags I've bought at Macy's and even eBay, and as long as they're authentic, it doesn't matter.
  4. I have a piece that the strap is really bad, almost like it's about to come off and break. I chickened out bringing it into the store last week cause I was doing some returns. I think I may have BF go in with me for it.
  5. Sometimes the store can't give you much information about strap replacement, it's better to call Coach directly and tell them you need a replacement strap, then find out if you can do it yourself or if it needs to be sent in. I've purchased replacement straps before, they run about $40. I think if it's a bag without a replacement strap then you'll only have to pay the $20 for shipping.
  6. Thanks for the info! I will call them first and find out.:wlae:
  7. actually when i was at coach @ paramus a woman and her husband asked them to do so and it looked like they had no problem.
  8. Thanks for sharing, gals! Really appreciate it. :tender:
  9. My mom had one of her bags completely re-piped because the piping was so worn down and she had the whole bottom re-made...and they did it for FREE! But this was a long time ago.