Sending out an APB for the Hermes Lucky Keychain

  1. I was a dork and didn't get it when it was on It's the green shamrock.

    HG was wonderful enough to let me know of one but it may not be available. So just in case, if any of you happen to see it, let me know! Thanks. :heart:
  2. there is similiar charm but of horseshoe in black on french website
  3. for DQ, it's lovely.
  4. i will look out for you on thursday..maybe the irish store might be more likely to have one .. i will pm you and let you know...:smile:
  5. SF had one a few weeks ago but I didn't see it yesterday. I'll let you know if I see another. :yes:
  6. Thanks everyone! **cries**
  7. I will let you know if I see one, I have seen them from time to time.
  8. keeping my eyes peeled for you, hon.
  9. hold tight - I may have found one.....
  10. HI Japster, I was in the Madison Ave store in NYC on Friday the 5th and saw the green shamrock key chain in the display case. Their number is 212-751-3181.
  11. hi ladies,

    i'm also looking for this keyring. pleae update the thread if anyone sees it anywhere else.

    thanks so much :smile:
  12. hi everyone,

    i just called the madison ave store, they said they didn't have the clover keyring....:sad:

    any other sightings? thanks in advance
  13. Apparently it's a regular item and not special edition, so it pops up regularly in different stores.
  14. Ugh, E....One of the stores I visit had one on hold for someone, but she told them she didn't want it - until I called and said I wanted it.....suddenly she HAD to have it.......*itch......
    anyway, close, but no cigar - she's gonna call me if she gets another one - but she said they can be ordered.
  15. I hate when people do this!
    oh no! I hope you find it soon!~