Sending original receipt with item?

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  1. I read on some of the auctions on e-bay that the seller will send the original receipt to you when you purchase a bag. I want to sell a bag and will send the receipt but hopefully the the auction will end higher than what I paid. Dosen't this make the buyer mad to see that you paid lets say $100 for a bag and sold it to them for $150? Thanks:confused1:
  2. I wouldn't volunteer to include the original receipt for a lower value bag. People won't be happy to see their purchase price is higher than the seller's buying price.
  3. When ever I send an original rec. with a bag I block out all my personal info. If I paid less than what it sells for I black out the price as well. However with all the sketchiness happening on eBay (bait & switch etc) I am no longer sending any original reciepts. Copies only.
  4. I never send original receipt with the bag because in case the item is lost by the carrier, you need the receipt to for proof of value. I always send a copy of the receipt and after the transaction finishes, if the buyer still want the receipt for some reason, I will then send the original receipt.
  5. the buyer shouldn't be mad that he/she paid more than you paid unless you represented otherwise. most sellers sell on eBay to make a profit so buyers shouldn't be upset if they pay more than retail (particularly for a hard to find item). i will email a picture of the receipt for authenticity purposes (with my name and credit card information blacked out) but i will only include a copy of the receipt (not the original) if the buyer insists.
  6. I used to send the original receipt as well, but in the future I will just send copies. I think that maybe you should blacken out the price along with your personal info. Unless it is a limited edition piece that is no longer available, they could possibly be upset.
  7. I photo copy the origional receipt and send a copy and I too black out all the info and purchase price.
  8. If I have the receipt, I include it ... but most of the time I don't bother.
  9. I have received the original receipt for my purchases after I have received the bag and have let the seller know that I am happy. I like to get the receipt (as further proof of authenticity and for insurance purposes) but I can understand peoples hesitation in sending the original receipt.
  10. If I have it, I usually send it. The buyer already knows my name and address. And your cc numbers aren't on it any more.
  11. I don't send original receipts. Furthermore, some stores like Bloomies & Nordies have "required for return" stickers on their tags, I remove those as well.
  12. As I buyer I defintely want a receipt... but I would be really annoyed if I paid more on eBay that what I could have if I walked into the store myself.

    I personally would not send it if you bought it for less - if you paid more for a bag you could have simply bought for less in a shop how would you feel? Probably ripped off!!!!! I think people shop on ebay to get a better deal - I say, do not send it if the receipt price is lower.
  13. It's up to the buyer to educate themselves and know what prices are. If you pay more than retail, it's on you IMO. When you see sellers listing items for less than retail, don't you assume they got a discount of some sort (e.g., employee discount)? I assume sellers don't regularly list new high-end bags for less than retail if they paid retail.

    I don't see how a buyer is entitled to be mad at the price they themselves bid.
  14. If the seller still has the original receipt it is nice to include it with any credit information blacked out. I would not black out the price - as long as you did not misrepresent the product, the buyer paid what she thought it was worth.