Sending my bag to the cleaners?

  1. I rotating my beloved Mike and Chris Boris out for my new (to me) Berkeley bag, and I wanted to send it out to be cleaned before I put it away. It's a washed leather, and I have bad luck trying to use at home cleaners on my own. Does anyone know a cleaner in NYC specifically, or what to look for when finding a cleaner for my bag? I've tried googling it but the information is all kind of vague or contradictory. Ladies?

  2. ^i was just about to ask the same thing! i'm also in nyc, and my ysl ivory muse is embarrassingly dirty and in desperate need of cleaning/ reshaping:sad:
  3. This is the place I use. Recommended to me by an SA at TOD'S.
    Service Plus at 55th between 5th and 6th 212 262-4823
    A cleaning for a bag starts at $60.00
  4. Definitely send it to Margaret's Cleaners! Its in San Diego but they are the best. A while bag I spilled red wine on my Kale handbag and I emailed Kale to ask what to clean it with and they recommended I send it to Margaret's.