Sending mom to Paris for her b-day and need SA recommendation

  1. I've finally saved enough to grant dear mom, who's turning 60 this year, the ultimate gift -- something croc, if available. Since I won't be tagging along on this trip, I'm hoping to leave her in good hands. Could anyone please recommend a sweet SA for her. The last time we were there 2 yrs ago, a very nice Japanese SA helped us but just in case she is not no longer there, any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am sorry I dont know but thought I would bump this thread up because I am sure there are people who do
  3. My experience is that, in general, SAs in Paris are quite nice, approachable and very professional...
  4. Sorry I cannot help you. I made my first trip in many years to Paris last month and I just had to report my findings. At the George-V Hermes they could not have been more helpful, lovely in every possible way. I came away with some lovely items and was even offered a Chocolate 35cm Birkin.

    Unfortunately the same could not be said about 24 Faubourg. I found them unapproachable, unhelpful, rude and the only people they seemed happy to honour with there disgusting, I am sorry, but yes disgusting manners and service were either, ladies carrying Hermes handbags or even better French ladies carrying Hermes handbags.

    This was not just in the handbag section, they were nearly as bad in the small accessories!!!!!!
  5. Sorry posting came up twice, my computer is acting weird now.
  6. I'm sorry, but I don't have any recommendations... I just had to say that you are a FANTASTIC daughter! I'm glad to hear someone else on here wants to treat their mommy to some H...
  7. I had a very nice young man at 24 Faubourg in March. (I wish I could find his card!) I never felt like he was playing "games' with me, telling me they didn't have something. He had me watch him in the computer & if something came up they had in stock I might be slightly interested in, he retrieved it. We were also buying ties & scarves. I will see if DH remembers his name.
    They are so busy there, one customer after another.
  8. sorry don't have any names but you are the sweetest daughter...i hope your mom enjoys her trip:yes:
  9. The main store is always so busy that I, too, find it difficult to get good service. I had a wonderful SA there, but he left and now I feel invisible.

    There is a very sweet SA named Beatrice who is helpful and friendly. I would ask for her.
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  10. Can't give you the name of a specific SA, but maybe this bit of general advice will help you:
    Try and speak a little french and never forget to say bonjour if you enter the store, even if to no one in particular. I know, it sounds a bit silly, but it is a vital part of french politesse and the absence WILL be noticed.
    It is also a very good idea to say 'bonjour monsieur' or 'bonjour madame' when you approch someone or you get approached.
    This applies not just to Hermes stores, but to all shops, restaurants and hotels, all over France.
    When the french feel they have not been treated with respect, they can be extremly difficult and unhelpful in return.
    But if you follow their basic rule of etiquette, you'll be amazed, how far it will get you! They will be happy to go to any length to make you happy, bending a rule or two on the way.
    Good luck!
  11. ^^^ So true!
    Even if you "butcher" some words they really are appreciative that you tried. Dh speaks "fair" french which he did use in the Hermes store. Thank God, Hermes isn't a restaurant!
  12. This is EXCELLENT advice and it took me years to figure this out...but it's so simple and can go so far. I always try to remember that I am a visitor to their country and try to respect their customs. Even though I don't really speak any French.
  13. Parler en peau Francais, c'est un must!
  14. Thanks to the tpfers for all the advice. Yes, I certainly agree that speaking some French helps, which I am able to do. My shopping trips to France has always been a lovely experience. However, I'm unable to make the trip because ds has school so mom has to shop on her own.