Sending large items via Priority Mail

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  1. So I'm not sure how to approach this? I want to sell a backpack that's pretty light (about 1 lb. & 7 oz.)... but it's a bit bulky, so I can't just stuff it into an official USPS Priority mailing box. Yeah, there's Parcel Post, but I don't want to have to turn to that all the time for items that won't fit into one of their official boxes.

    Could I just wrap up the backpack & still ship it priority? It won't be packaged in a box or anything... just thick wrapping paper, so the shape may seem irregular. How exactly is the shipping cost determined then?
  2. I've done that before but to be honest the best way is to buy one of those big brown box from a bookstore and ship the backpack in it. (You can also try to ask for one at any sportswear stores.) Wrapping paper for a backpack is too flimsy and may break during shipping. Seeing how they treat packages at the P.O., I wouldn't take such risk and give an excuse for the buyer to claim "item is damaged due to poor packaging". But FYI, Priority mail for irregular shape packages should be charged by weight as usual. Go to for details on the package measurement limitations.
  3. The USPS has this shoebox that might work, depending on the size of the backpack. I don't think that one is flat rate though. They do have a lot more boxes than what you see in the lobby, so you might want to ask and see what they have available next time you go over there.
  4. I've received packages wrapped in brown paper that have arrived in sad shape. It was a miracle the contents weren't ruined. I agree with this advice:

  5. also you can take it to a ups store and find a box to fit. You can buy a box there by itself you dont have to ship it via ups. They have every shape an size imaginable.
  6. You don't have to ship in a designated Priority box in order to ship priority. The PO provides the boxes as a convenience and it doesn't cost anything. However, if none of their boxes will work, you can use ANY box to ship priority, just make sure you put several priority mail stickers all over the box—which the people at the post office when you drop it off are really good about this.

    I wouldn't wrap in brown paper either. In fact, I don't think they'll allow this anymore. I tried wrapping a painting that I was shipping in brown paper, with bubble wrap underneath and they wouldn't let me. I had to put it in a box. So they make you re-box anyway.