Sending It Back!!

  1. I am a little upset. I got an epi bucket pm and for some reason it is just not working for me. When I put me stuff in and carried it around my house it never failed that it would only be on my shoulder by one of the straps. The other one kept falling off. I am a little sad because I don't like returning things... but I guess it is better to return and find something that really works for me.:sad: :sad: :sad: Oh well. Anyone experience anything like this with their bucket?

    I am also mad because it took me forever to decide on it. I went to the store and tried it on and loved it. Now I am lost. I need a new black purse...any suggestions?
  2. I have a mono
    petit bucket I love. In the begining one strap would fall on me as well. I started crossing one strap under the other just one time before I put it on my shoulder and it holds just fine. Actually, I do it everytime I wear my bucket and it has become second nature for me, I don't even think about having to cross it, I just cross it. Hope this makes sense.
  3. I think that is the complaint in general on the Buckets- all mine the same thing. I do just as kelly Green says and it works for me.
  4. I've found myself doing the same with the straps--crossing one under the other--and it hasn't been a problem. Also, have you tried adjusting the strap length? Maybe that would help?
  5. I had that problem b/f I adjusted the straps....:yes:
  6. I seem to keep suggeting the epi noe in black but I think that would be a perfect solution for you! Only one strap!!
  7. So, I gave it one more shot!!! Took your advice about crossing the straps and VOILLA-- no problems. Thanks everyone...I am soooo happy...woo hoo!!! I am loving this bag now!! :yahoo: Thanks again!!
  8. I am glad you are loving your bag again..
  9. yup- gotta cross them. i used my mono bucket to death! it's definitely been a great bag!
  10. hmmm I HAD the same prob with my BH, but after doing some serious rubbing here and there on the straps at school, it doesn't fall off anymore! woohoo! lol also, I've rubbed the edges hard enough that they no longer dig into my skin! So I think u should just give it some time to "mold" to you shoulders!
  11. any pics of the epi bucket? i hvn't really seen one before!
  12. Here is mine... S/O in 2001
  13. Good for you on returning it, you should get something you really love.
  14. send it back