Sending Back

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  1. So, in the search for the Campana in Magnolia, we have ended up ordering 2 other bags to see if I would be 'in love' with them.

    I received the very last (in the USA) Montaigne in Magnolia today, and while I do love the bag and swoon over the color....I am not in love with the bag. In fact, it kind of makes me look old and just doesn't fit my body type.

    So anyone looking for this bag - I'm sending it back to BV/Ana - she'll have it by Monday.

    This weekend we'll see if the Magnolia Intrecciato Nappa fits the bill...if not...maybe a Parma one...oh it makes my head spin!:P
  2. They are expensive enough that you really should love the bag; if you don't, you're doing the right thing. Good luck!
  3. Derfilval,

    Sorry that the shape is not for you. I got one myself from Bluefly. I LOVE it.

    I really like the color. Feminine, but not too PINK..

    Have you considered the VENETA in Magnolia? - I've seen some pictures with Denise Richardson wearing it and it's absolutely beautiful.
  4. Badol - I did consider the Veneta in Magnolia - I too think it looks wonderful in the Richardson pictures, however, I am a pear shaped woman and the Veneta just isn't flattering to my figure - I normally carry a ball.

    I just got the flap in magnolia from Bluefly but think that will go back and we'll look at the Parma fold overflap ....and maybe a snakeskin wallet...
  5. I'm sorry you can't find something you like. I know it must be a little frustrating. Good luck.
  6. Agree, you have to love it!:yes: