Sending Back Josephine PM - - YUCK!!!

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  1. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    Three YUCKY'S for me.

    Got my return number from Elux and it's going back.
    Purchased it in Black and I was so dissappointed when I opened the box. The quality is terrible.
    The LV's are cut-off and the material feels like garbage.
    She said the LV's are supposed to be like ON MY BAG!!
    Maybe these are seconds.
    Thought it would be a good bag to wear everyday but it looks like junk and FAKE!!
    I'd rather get something else.
    The LV's shouldn't be cut-off on any other bag but Josephine PM is OK.:confused1:

    Can't wait to send it on it's way!

    My hubby got me the Lady Steamer with Croc (not leopard one) on it for Christmas. Since it was almost $16,000 with tax let's hope it looks better. I haven't seen it person. It came from Chicago. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I was in the Chanel store recently and the quality was much better than some of the LV stuff.

    Well, I vented my frustration.:yes:
  2. $16000 on a bag? You are one extremely lucky lady

  3. I am soo sorry. I had a simlar experience. Hmmm...did you get it from elux? I sent mine backvery recently. I was told the same thing that the LV's were supposed to be cut off like that then however I saw a friends bag and the LV's were NOT cut off the same way. On the bag I had they were basically SPLIT in half. I marked the item as defective. I seriously hope they didn't decide that was normal and tried to re-sell it! :yucky: :yucky:
  4. Not a LV question but Syntagma, what lipstick shade are you wearing? It's gorgeous!
  5. OMG!!! You got the steamer!!!:nuts: You are ONE LUCKY lady!!! Enjoy it! The steamer is worth every penny, IMO!!! Do post pics when you get it though!!! I am dying to see what it looks like on! CONGRATS once again!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. ^^ ITA

    My Josephine has NO CUT OFF LVs. Glad you ladies returned yet another quality control problem with LV.:P

    Congrats on the Steamer fm yr DH!
  7. Sorry to hear about your purse, but WOW for your hubby getting the steamer!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to use it as a bag or for travel. I've never seen one (only pics), so I don't know about the size. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. LOL No problem. It is MAC's lipstick in Jist with Chanel's lip glossamir in Sunset Gold on top! The Sunset Gold is such a gorgeous color! :yes:
  9. $16,000 - I would be terrified to carry something that expensive! Must be beautiful!! I would probably take better care of it then my own children!!! :P
  10. Congrats on the steamer!
  11. Congrats on the steamer!!! Yes, PLZ post pics!

    Now I'm having second-thoughts on the josephine...:sad:
  12. I have an old Josephine so it runs just a tad wider than the newer ones, and where the LVs cut off (since it's not straight up and down on the sides and more angular, this is bound to happen) at least it virtually "continues" with the side pieces of fabric that are sewn to make it seem continuous. Everything is still extremely symmetrical though.

    How exactly did your LVs cut off?

  13. I bet she got my returned bag! Here is the picture of it. Look at the sides! It's BAD! My friends also had cut off Lv's but hers were barely cut (and only the top one) on the sides.

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  14. congrats!
  15. What in the world was LV thinking at the production and quality control level to let this pass???:confused1:

    Egads!!! REALLY glad you returned it!:yes: