Sending back Bluefly purchase!

  1. :crybaby: I just received the Gucci wallet I ordered from Bluefly last week..The hardware is scratched!!! (WAAAAAAAAAAAH) I can't believe it! I ordered a chocolate guccissima leather wallet..the same french flap wallet that is currently on the website...The gold insignia on the front is scratched all along the bottom....It was around $150.00 cheaper (with the coupon code & free shipping too!) than ordering direct..I was so p***d off I went right on line to the Gucci website and ordered one...I'm so peeved..The wallet is authentic..perfect in every sense except for the uneven texture all along the lower portion of the hardware...The leather smells DIVINE!!! It felt sooooooo good in my hand..The color..Everything else was perfect!! I'm so bummed! I should have known....I almost kept it and I'm like No way! I can't keep this! Not for that price! SO I ended up paying full price anyways in the long run....OMG I hope the one from Gucci will be ok..It should be...Now I'm not sure if I'd order from there ever again..Is this palce hit or miss or what???:sad: :heart: Emmy
  2. About 2 months ago, I had also ordered a wallet.. white Guccissima leather with a pink velvet stripe down the center. When I received it, the pink parts of the velvet was a dark grayish color, and the tab where you pull to open the wallet was black, as if someone scraped it across the floor!! I sent it right back with a complaint that it was damaged when received and got a full refund including shipping. I was pretty sad too, but *sigh* what can you do?? And now with all the rumors flying around that Bluefly selling the fake bags... I really don't think I'll br ordering from them anymore.. at least not bags and wallets. I'd rather buy at full price now, for peace of mind.
  3. I have a choc. Guccissma purse I ordered from Bluefly and it was in perfect condition. I also own the Guccissma flap wallet in Green and it was not scratched at all I got it in the store during the sale this past summer. But the wallet is TDF! Plus with a matching bag. Good luck with the return to Bluefly!
  4. I'll send it right back tomorrow...I'm disappointed but I agree with you about the peace of mind thing....It's great to get a deal but sometimes I guess you just get what you apy for...I know many people have ordered from there and have had no problems...I think I would order again from them..just not get my hopes up next time...The wallet was definitely authentic..just damaged..I wonder where they get their merchandise from....
  5. I used to never, ever doubt their authenticity, until my gf told me the trouble with the Balenciaga bags that they had.. was it Balenciaga or Botkier, I forget, it's one of the B's. She had mentioned this because I had purchased a really cute pink logo Gucci bag from Bluefly and was carrying it that day. so after that, I got very paranoid and tried to authenticate it, and learned that Gucci refuses to authenticate bags.. so I decided to run a search on the bag since I had never seen anyone carrying that certain pattern in that style. anyways to keep the story short, I couldnt find anything of that bag online and when I called Gucci to describe the style, the SA said she had never heard of the pink logo in that particular style and that perhaps the bag was released overseas and never made it to the American market! So to give myself peace of mind (because I was driving myself crazy) I decided to send it back. To this DAY I still don't know if the bag was a real or a fake!! So I really really can't say I had an authenticity problem, but I will definately be purchasing from the main stores from now on. But I did have a problem with receiving a damaged item. I think I'll just stick to ordering dresses from them from now on! :P
  6. I ordered an H-Hour Hermes watch from Bluefly and it arrived scratched up and NOT WORKING. Could have been the battery was dead but come on, $1,250 and they can't check to make sure it's running before shipping it out? The refund took 2 and a half months to make it to my credit card. I was and still am very upset about it and vow never to shop there again. Just not worth it.
  7. :wtf: 2 1/2 MONTHS? Great..Well..thanx for the info as I don't think I'll be shopping there either anymore....:heart: Emmy
  8. ^^^
    Gosh, I ordered NINE different items from Bluefly this week (that 30% off the sale prices was too good to resist). Three of the items were Gucci sunglasses, one pair of Dior sunglasses, a Dolce & Gabanna bag, Jimmy Choo bag, very cute Fashion Focus belt, Hype handbag and a small credit card holder (house brand). The only thing that struck me as amiss in all the items was that I thought Jimmy Choo bags came with a sleeper bag (which wasn't there). Everything else was perfect.

    Unfortunately most of it will be going back b/c I didn't care for them for one reason or the other, but whatever. The things I'm keeping are perfect and a perfectly great steal with all those discounts! :yes:

    On return processing, I've never known them to take more than two weeks to process a return before. Perhaps it was the time of the year that you returned it (Christmas maybe?), but still it may have just been a fluke. :shrugs:
  9. I cancelled my Gucci belt bag order today. Too much of a hassle to confirm authenticity and return it if it's no good. But it worked out, because I used that money to order a quilted MJ Bowler from Bloomingdales for only $440!!! WOOHOOO!!!
  10. With all my returns like belts and clothing the refund was quick but jewelry is seperate. Seperate return address, form and refund takes much longer.
  11. You already got your money back gazoo?? That IS really quick!!!
  12. I'm glad it worked out for you Sharbear...Congrats on your new bag...What a steal! The wallet I ordered direct from Gucci will be here tomorrow! Woo-hoo! ANd I bet it isn't scratched lol! :heart: Emmy
  13. Thanks Emmy!

    Can't wait to see pics of your new wallet!!!!
  14. I was disappointed with my first Bluefly purchase...Gucci sunglasses...I'm not a Gucci sunglasses expert by any means, but they looked cheap (way too purple and rhinestones looked very cheap) and fake so I sent them back...will only buy at the boutique in the future.
  15. What is the deal with bluefly. :confused1: Been hearing so many bad stories of late. jburgh received an indy with 1 side of the strap not attached. I mean seriously... And now this with EMMY, you think they would check their products BEFORE shipping them out. It only makes sense!!! It's cost them more because they need to deal with reshipping out stuff and what about the potential loss of customers?

    I won't buy from Bluefly personally anyway cos of the exchange rate and the fact that the promotional codes don't work for residents out of the US. And imagine how long it would take them to do an international exchange/refund!