Sending back a Saks Gift Card.. help please.

  1. I sent back a gift card from Florida to New York by normal mail on the 20th june and my SA still has not received it.. is this normal? its been 2 weeks :confused1:

    Any advice on what i should do now? :sad: im worried its lost.
  2. how'd you mail it?
    1st Class, Priority, etc. . . .?
  3. I sent it by 1st class mail Swanky.. :sad: do u think it is lost?
  4. any tracking on it?

    I've had a few thing go Via New York that never reached their destination
  5. Hope u had tracking on it..Otherwise u have no way to find it......Was it insured?
  6. I was thinking whether i should sent it insured and trackable but since it was my first time sending a GC back, i called Joseph (Saks SA) to ask and he told me there was no need to do that. He said regular mail would suffice and if the GC was lost, i could always call to cancel it and have it reissued. :sad:

    Now im really freaking out but he said it will take a while to get to that dept. But does it really take 2 weeks? what shall i do now? The GC was for $300 :crybaby:
  7. just have them cancel it if it arrives no big deal but i's better to cancel than have someone spend it