Sending a bag off to be cleaned if it's bought on Ebay

  1. Hi there

    Just wondering if you buy a bag on eBay and it's genuine etc and then you need to get it cleaned or fixed (God forbid!) can you send it back in the normal way to wherever it is that they do the overhaul?

  2. In a word, yes.
  3. Yes, as long as it's authentic
    The bag doesn't bear stamp saying "I was bought on eBay " ;)
  4. ^^ :lol:
  5. I certainly hope it doesn't have that stamp;)

    Just thought that local store might only send it for cleaning for you if you had bought it there.

    Does that make sense?
  6. I was wondering that myself.
  7. It's a service offered by the company and has actually not much to do with whether you're a
    frequent customer to the individual store or not.
    If you have a product produced by Hermes, they will try to service it unless it was produced
    for an internal employee, which will be marked & stamped onto the bag.

    Minor services are generally free of charge and an SA at the store or at some locations even
    a craftsman will be able to tell you what can be fixed and what not regarding your individual
    case ;).
  8. Absolutely no problem whatsoever. Who's to say the item wasn't a gift, etc?
  9. Do they actually clean the bag if it does not look like it needs cleaning?
    How clean do they get?
    Or is this cleaning for stains?
    Do people really get their bags cleaned on a regular basis? I mean, I know women who don't even clean their diamond rings which I don't understand but that's another forum.
  10. Sure, they'll clean the bag even if it doesn't look as if it needs it. In fact, last time I was in Chicago, an SA practically demanded to have my Bolide cleaned even though it had just come back from New York.

    But I think she just wanted a closer look. I suspect she thought my leather looked "off", because it was Ardennes which hasn't been produced in more than 10 years.
  11. I had a vintage Kelly cleaned and repaired at the HERMES KoP -they were happy to take care of it for me but I paid for both services.