Send Your Prayers To Wind Chill A 9 Mo. Colt Abandoned :(

  1. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Wind Chill :love:

    DULUTH, Minn.—A 9-month-old colt rescued from the brutal northern Minnesota cold is improving.
    The colt -- named Windchill -- was able to stand unsupported for a few hours over the weekend.
    Windchill was near death when it was found near Duluth on February 9 -- on a day when wind chills made it feel like 30 degrees below zero.
    When the colt was brought to Raindance Farms, it was suffering from dehydration, malnourishment, and hypothermia. It was unable to stand on its frost-bitten legs.
    Over the weekend, Windchill was lifted to its feet with the help of a sling. On Sunday, it stood without supports for a few hours.
    Well-wishers have already donated $935 to help offset the costs of Windchill's care.
  2. that's so sad, I hope windchill survives!
  3. This makes me so sad. I'm praying for Windchill.
  4. Jingles for Wind, oh HOW can people be like this to such wonderful glorious animals? No sense at all in it.
  5. yyuiipppe...that a good start..:yahoo::tup:
  6. Prayers to that sweet boy!
  7. Oh no--the poor thing. Prayers that Windchill can recover and find a loving home.