Send Shane a Card

  1. Hey everyone, I did a search for this but it was only briefly discussed a couple months ago, so I thought I'd repost since it's getting closer to his birthday. I'm just going to copy this verbatim from the internet, but it's legitimate (you can check snopes if you doubt that). There are so many of us on these boards, so participate and/or pass it along if you'd like! I'm going to send one out after I can pick up a card (probably this weekend). Here's the info:

    Shane Bernier is a 7 year old boy that was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of five years old. The only thing that this amazing little boy has requested for his birthday is cards. Not money, or video games, or a remote control car.... but Birthday Cards. His goal is to beat the world record of 350 million cards received.

    His Birthday is May 30th

    Send Cards to:

    Shane Bernier
    PO Box 484
    Lancaster, Ontario
    K0C 1N0


    This is another site tracking this, he has received over 125000! So far guys!
  2. OMG! He is adorable! I will send a card this weekend!
  3. :cry: ...

    I will get him a card, thank you for sharing this with us and helping his cause!

    One question to anyone who knows: I live in the I just send the card like I would any other card???
  4. Thanks for the info!
  5. Aww! Thanks for posting! I'm going to send him one!!!
  6. Awesome, everyone! I e-mailed a few of my friends and family members, too. I'm going to pick up the card this weekend.
  7. My friend works for a newspaper in Canada and did a story on him, I bought him a birthday card awhile ago, but have yet to send it! Thanks for the reminder!!
  8. :yes: yep, just put a stamp on it and make sure it goes in the right box. :smile: