Send item to Unconfirmed PO Box??

Feb 6, 2008
hello lovely people,

Hope all is well :biggrin:...Need some advice,i've just sold a Chanel bag to buyer who has a unconfirmed PO Box address in Brunei and i'm not really sure about international sale,this is my first time..usually i would just accept US buyers with confirmed address only.Buyer does not have much FB,but i did ask one of the sellers if she's a good buyer and seller said yes,no problem.
Thought of giving it a try for selling internationally,but this was not what i've expected unconfirmed PO box???Has anyone of you tried sending item to unconfirmed PO box?
Please give me your valuable advices,TIA;)


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Dec 6, 2006
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I am sure someone else will chime in soon, but I will give you my opinion:

I believe an unconfimed address is very normal for every address outside US/ Canada, as long as Paypal says it is ok to ship you are covered. Does it say ok to ship?
I don't know whether this also goed for PO boxes though, I believe I have read some threads about shipping to PO boxes and many people gave the advice not to do it.
However, it might be possible to ask for signature confirmation anyway? Maybe the post office just leaves a note then for the buyer to come pick up the item and sign for it??
Jun 25, 2008
The buyer can't confirm her address in that country.

PO Boxes are no different to physical addresses eBay/PP-wise. If anything, they're safer for shipping because packages don't end up on a porch or by a door (to possibly be stolen or misplaced) when no one is home to receive it.

ETA: I've only used--received packages and shipped packages to--PO Boxes in the U.S.
Feb 6, 2008
thanks marie-lou,yes..PP shows ok to ship,i guess thats ok.I've printed out the page that shows ok to ship,just in case;)


Aug 23, 2010
Sorry but It would be difficult for me to send the bag

Chanel to a Unconfirmed po box in Brunei with low feedback just raises red flags IMO

I would check goofbay to check her other purchases/recent bids.