Send In For Repair.

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  1. If, say, you had a bag, and one of the turnlocks fell off,
    how would you go about getting it repaired? tia.
  2. I haven't had to take a bag in for repairs but I believe you can just take it to a Coach store. Show it to an SA and they can send it in for you.
  3. If it is legacy you have to send it in.. otherwise you can call JAX and they can tell you.. on some of them they can just send you a new turnlock and the instructions. :yes:

  4. as in, do it myself? oh god that might end up bad. :p
    do they send it to you for free?
  5. lol yes and yes to both. They can only have you fix it on certain bags.. if you call JAX and tell them and give them the style# they can tell you if you need to take it in or not. :okay:
  6. thanks for the replies! :yes:
  7. I had this happen to my legacy turnlock. I went to the coach store in Danbury and they sent it out for me. They waived the $20 fee because I went into the store. It took about 4-6 weeks to get my bag back.
  8. I also had that happen to me. It was a Legacy Pocket Shoulder Bag in Whiskey. One of the turnlocks fell off and I went to my Coach Store and they said that it was common with those bags, especially the 1st run. They said they didn't think it could be repaired and offered me credit or a new one. They didn't have Whiskey I took white. So it all worked out!:tup: