Send bags to Paris for Spa Treatment?

  1. I just received my Black Box Bolide from Paris and it is so gorgeous!! It looks almost brand new and it was very much worn a lot for the last eight years.
    A few months ago I sent it to NYC for spa treatment and it came back pretty nice but the handles were a little grey from wear and the corners were dyed but ok. I wanted to replace the handles and therefore sent the bag back to NYC and they sent it on to Paris. The handles would have cost $1800 so I decided to refurbish the handles and the bag in Paris. Wow....I love the way Paris cleaned and refurbished everything!!'s the question...can I send my bags (I live in the US) to Paris directly for spa treatment or through the NYC boutique? Would NYC be upset if I requested that they send my bags to Paris?
  2. I just bought a vintage HAC 45cm and I am wondering the same thing. It needs some TLC (circa 1994). I don't think I would have the nerve to request that they send it to Paris. I would just hope to get the best service from Claude in NYC. Any thoughts?
  3. I think that NYC would be fine for your vintage HAC. I will still be sending my bags to NYC because of convenience and they do a decent job.
  4. Will they polish the brass hardware? It isn't gold plated on this particular one, which I understand was not so unusual on travel sized HACs.
  5. Does the spa treatment take longer if it is sent to Paris?
    I remember hearing from a tpf friend that Claude said very light color bags have to be sent to Paris for cleaning and that it takes 6 months. Has anyone else heard the same thing? (I am thinking ahead for my parchemin bag which isn't dirty yet but inevitably will be.)
  6. I've heard the same for lighter colors.
  7. Re. spa treatment for birkins, can anyone offer any insights on how much they cost?
  8. prices vary on spa treatments...I have seen/heard such different prices across the board.
  9. I am in Toronto and have sent 1 pre-loved Birkin and 1 vintage HAC for refurbishment at the spa in Paris (there is no other option in Toronto at this time - the all go to Paris). Both bags took between 3 and 4 months, round trip. I believe the cost was between $150 and $250 dollars for each - certainly no more than $250.

    They did amazing work on the vintage bag in particular!