Send a cyber H Valentine's gift to a member.......

  1. :heart: I would love to send out Valentine's gifts to all the lovely H forum members. Sadly, this will be but a dream. However, I thought it would be fun to send out Hermes cybergifts (with pics please) to each other. These cybergifts must be under $500!!!!! However, feel free to rumage through the re seller sites and eBay...

    I have a long list and I am still working on the gifts, so I'll just send out one for now to......


    Happy Valentine's day!!!!:heart: :heart: You were the first PFer I had the pleasure of meeting in person. Here is a lil something for you.....​
  2. Dressage Queen

    My RAOK pick!!! It was great getting to meet you, another Jersey Girl! I am looking forward to many more lunch outings and shopping expeditions! I saw this scarf and wondered if you may like it....or do you already have it​

    :heart: :heart:
  3. Rose - this is such a "SWEET" Thread...I don't know how to copy anything to send to someone??? Can you be of asst. and help me send a lovely Pouchette to my ROAK buddy, CB.....I have to get some more goodies out to her!:heart:
  4. If you click on the 'go advanced' button underneath the reply box , you will be given the option to 'manage attachments'. Click on this and you will be able to add upto 5 images to your reply. Best of luck!
  5. Happy Valentine's Day, my ROAK buddy > SoCal
    For SoCal.jpg
  6. For a sweetie, Amanda .... this will match one of your bags real well. (it's already available at our store, by the way ....)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    For Amanda.jpg
  7. Happy Valentine's Day, princessfrog! Hope your daily commuting long distance to work will become lesser and lesser as time goes by.

    For Princessfrog.jpg
  8. :heart:

    Happy Valentine's Day

    From Chanel to Hermes, such fun!

    Looking forward to lots of lunches and shopping expeditions. We must get our girls together sometime too!

    A lil' something to bring you lots of luck.....(although you are not doing too bad on your own!)
  9. Ninja Sue

    Totally love you! Happy Valentine's day. Gift is on it's cyberway, will have to post it later!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. For my other RAOK gal, shoes.

    Bottle of Rose Ikebana!!!

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  11. For the greatest enabler of tPF, and special friend > shopmom

    For shopmom.jpg
  12. amkur! That's my entire cyber $$ budget for Valentine's Day presents! :sweatdrop:
  13. To the new mama to be,pazt!!! I've enjoyed hanging out and meeting up w/ you! One of the sweetest people I know!!! Congrats on ur lil upcoming bundle of boy!!!:love: