1. Hello,

    Would someone please explain to me (slowly; remember, I am merely a husband =) exactly what "semitracolla" means? (My best guess is "one half of a tracolla" in which case my question is, "What is a tracolla?") The CEO of our family unit wants a Prada Semitracolla xxxxx and, searching the internet, I find Prada Semitracolla this, that, and everything. Any help out there?

    Thanks very much!
  2. ....oh poor thing.....
    Prada calls its nylon..etc..leather by these names..its the type they use to describe the bag...Tell me what she is looking for and perhaps I can help you..I need the FUll description.Feel free to Pm me any questions.
  3. Thank you so much. Piecing together the hints, I THINK what she wants is Prada BR3408 in deerskin leather, (no doubt about the all-leather part =) I can find BR3408 easily, but after all these years sometimes it's fun to actually surprise her (and who knows? It may even happen one day =) so I thought if I knew what semitracolla meant . . . .
  4. I have a great SA at Prada,Broadway Strore in NY...Her name is Sada..If you are looking to wow her and see if she can help you!She is great..and can send it in a fancy Prada box..that would wow me if my hubby did that for me!!!
  5. so, semitracolla means everything as nylon, leather ecc.? just wondering because 'tracolla' is 'strap' in italian and 'semi' is 'half'. i'm a bit confused now.... LOL!
  6. Very confusing. I went to the Prada Outlet store yesterday (called Space) and asked the salesman. He said "semitracolla" means handbag in Italian (which it does not.) "Borsa al mano" of course, is "handbag" in Italian (literally) and borse is "purse." So, determined to figure this out, I broke down and broke out my Italian/English dictionary =) "tracolla: Shoulder-belt, cross-belt." So . . . . "semitracolla" means short shoulder bag (which I have decided is the latest thing. . . .my wife's Guccissima would qualify as a "semitracolla" while a "tracolla" would be a full-on shoulder bag (with a long strap, like her smaller Gucci =)

    Nothing to do with the fabric. Will everyone buy this story? =)

  7. hi,
    Can some1 pls help me. I purchased a prada purse #m201, on the auth.card it has 'semitracoola' (which I read that it means 'short shoulder bag'). The other purchase i made was a prada boston bag#BL0310 and on the auth.card it has 'Traclla'. I'm worried i've purchased fake items. But other then that my purse and bag seem to be real, after reading many forum's. P.S. I purchased from Should I getting my money back? Thanx.