(Semi) Permanent Purse Ban:(

  1. We might be buying a weekend house this week & if so, no more purses for a while.

    I know that a vacation home is probably a better investment since there is not "good" sailing close to where we live, but I am going to miss the purse shopping:crybaby:
  2. While it's sad to not be able to buy the purses - your weekend home sounds amazing! It'll always be tough to make some sacrifices, but I'm sure when you lounging around your weekend home on a sunny day - you'll find it's all worth it! :biggrin:
  3. Sounds like a logical choice. Good luck! You know how these things go -- you'll be "house poor" for a while, but before you know it life will be back to normal. If you go through with the purchase, let us know!
  4. and besides, you won't need a fancy bag on a sailboat!!! :tup: (Lucky You!!!)
  5. think of it this way,
    you can fit SO MUCH MORE in a weekend house than in a purse.

  6. Ooooh do you sail then? My husband and i have recently been bitten by the sailing bug, and i too am on a bag ban. I can't justify spending hundreds of pounds on a bag when it could go towards our mortgage, therefore helping our sailing dream come true. Also not much call for chanel on a boat :crybaby: Ho hum.
  7. I am on ban too, hate it. I so purse deprived, I have been looking at the bags at Walmart. I am on ban until January, self imposed, but boy when I get off Neiman's here I come. Good Luck!!:okay: