Semi + Permanent haircolor question

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  1. I hope this is the right forum for hair color questions. I want to get midnight blue hair from medium ash brown without bleaching. I've seen tutorials on YouTube recommending adding semi permanent hair colors (like Manic Panic) to permanent blue black dyes to get midnight blue. Does anyone know if this actually works, since semi permanent dyes don't require developer, and per the label's warnings, may be rendered inert by the chemicals in permanent color and developer? I live in the middle of nowhere (literally), so although I'd normally go to a professional salon for off-beat colors, that is not an option where I live. Thanks! :smile:
  2. You don't need to mix a semi-permanent with a permanent color to get a blue. You can just try using a really pigmented bright blue, and it might show up on your hair as a darker midnight blue. If your hair is not light enough, it might just end up looking black. For the best results, lightening the hair may be necessary. Do some more research first before making a decision.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, y'all! :smile:

    I ended up going with Ion Midnight Blue Black from Sally's. I seperated out my natural Lily Munster streak centered on my widow's peak (think natural gray skunk stripe if you aren't familiar with the old tv show "The Munsters"). The streak started in my 20's, and has long been my nemesis. Anyway, I seperated it out, braided it, doused it with conditioner, and wrapped it in aluminum foil. It survived undyed. A few days later, I did my whole head with Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue to dye my streak and to get any low lights possible. The streak looks awesome; this is the most perfect cobalt blue color I have ever seen, but I didn't notice a difference in the blueness on the rest of my hair. The bad news is this particular color of Manic Panic runs worse than any color I have ever seen in my life! I do not recommend doing one's entire head in this color unless one is really, really dedicated and does not mind having everything in their surroundings turn blue (shirts, furniture, car seats, skin, I mean everything!). In the future, I'm going to just do my hair (minus the streak) Ion Midnight Blue Black and dye the streak blue. Thanks again for the suggestions!
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