Semi-Perm Hair DYE?

  1. So after my scare last week with preference hair dye (i had an allergic reaction) - i used semi-perm tonight. I used medium ash brown as I didn't want any red in it. It came out pretty dark - is this usual? Does it wash out a bit over the next few weeks - i'm a little scared.
  2. Unfortunately, yes it is. Over the counter hair color contains progressive hair dyes which really never stop "working". When you applied the semi permanent color over the previous hair color, the reaction between the two colors resulted in a darker shade than the expected look.

    Semi-permanent hair color is designed to wash out in x-amount of shampoos, so I'd suggest using a clarifying shampoo over the next week or so to help speed up the process. However, since you have technically performed two chemcial processes on your hair in such a short time frame, regular "rules" may not apply! The color might be very resistant to wash out and if that is the case, you may have to see your hair care professional for guidance.
  3. plus, the swatch of colour you see is actually the dye on unpigmented (ie white) hair;
    as colour is translucent, it's the ash brown PLUS your natural hair darkness... oh, and don't forget that the pigment from your preference colouring job is still in there too...
    i've also found that my final result is always 1-2 shades darker than on the box!!

    luckily you used a semi-perm, so it'll all come out.

    next time, get a lighter shade (as long as it's not lighter than your pre-existing colour, cos semis don't lighten), and strand test to confirm the result!