Semi-Formal Dress Makeup and Hair Help

  1. I have a semi-formal dance on Saturday. This is my dress:


    Except for mine is a light gold color.

    I have no idea what to do for my hair and makeup, does anyone have ideas? :biggrin:
  2. No ideas? :sad:
  3. What colour is your hair and whats your skin tone, And eye colour do you wear much make up
  4. My hair is medium reddish-brown and my skin tone is very fair with light freckles. My eye color is blue-grey-green. I wear barely any makeup, just lip gloss and maybe mascara usually.
  5. I'd recommend simple hair, nothing too "big." Mascara, glossy bronze lips, some neutral eye shadow, maybe shimmery but don't overdo it and have fun!
  6. Oops. Did I miss it? Maybe you already went. Sorry!
  7. Yes, I went last night, but I wore just what you suggested :biggrin: