Semi Annual Bag Sale Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga and more

  1. started their bag sale. Just click on the bag that says "Semi Annual Bag Sale" on the home pages. Here's a sample of items listed

    Prada Antic Leather Tote
    Price $897.00 <!-- Load quantity discount icon -->
    You Save: $598.00

    Louis Vuitton Epi Saint-Jacques Poignees-Longues
    Price $540.00 <!-- Load quantity discount icon -->
    You Save: $540.00

    Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM
    Price $1,232.00 <!-- Load quantity discount icon -->
    You Save: $308.00

    Jimmy Choo Animal Print Tam Bag
    Price $1,320.00 <!-- Load quantity discount icon -->
    You Save: $880.00

    Yeah, I figured out how to do hyper links to their website!
  2. I've never heard of this site before, are these bags really authentic?
  3. I don't think this is legit. LV is never on sale, and the only authorized retailer of LV online is eluxury. Balenciaga is not authorized to be sold online.
  4. hmm... upon closer look this looks like a bag rental place. I guess it would be up to them to determine authenticity of items. I personally would not trust? But who knows!
  5. I believe these bags are real -- they are used and the website "rents" bags, similar to Bag Borrow or Steal.
  6. ahhh, i think I'll hold out then. I'm a chicken :p
  7. Good deals but what if it's a switch with a fake? Plus you can't see the actual condition. Not worth the risk!
  8. man their Coach looks real from what I can tell, I have a few of them and they look exactly like mine?

    so scary though!
  9. i don't know if it is legit, th black LV St. Jacques shouldn't have a zippered inner pocket...
  10. can anyone confirm the authenticity of their bags?? Thanks!
  11. the LV color looks a lilttle off. . and the prices are ridiculous
  12. I have never heard of this site either. It doesn't seem legit, but on the other hand it does say a lot of their bags are "used". I don't think you have to be an authorized retailer to sell used bags.
  13. I've never bought or rented from them, but I understood the site to be legit. I thought they were trying to compete w/ BBorSteal. They can sell the bags online and at lower prices because they are pre-owned. Nobody is authorized to sell Chanel online, but BBorS can because they are pre-owned, I imagine the same would hold for selling LV on sale.

    They are selling some of their rented bags, but they also have a section where you can buy/sell/trade gently used bags. Some of these might have come from there. I know for a fact they aren't trying to scam people, but I imagine a really good fake could possibly slip through if someone borrowed a real bag and returned a fake one or if someone gave them a fake bag to sell, but I imagine they scrutinize the bags as well, because they could ruin their reputation selling a fake.
  14. I have bought LV and Fendi from them before and then took them to the LV and Fendi boutiques to have them checked seeing the site allows returns. The stuff was always authentic, plus the site has had a bunch of media coverage. I can't image USA Today or Time magazine writing about them if they weren't legit.