Selma's from New York

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  1. Has anyone received their Selmas from New York and do you like them..the colors and all. I understand there are still small selmas available and I was thinking of getting one. Anyone have pics? maggie:s
  2. :s OK..I the selma in teal..I was shocked as all get up as to how fast this bag came..they must have been in a real hurry to get rid of them. Chris told me that they have over 1000 selmas to um...sell...
    Luckily he said I could send it back...why you ask..well..that was the second part of the shock...if is not at all like the selma I have...mags
  3. (info from my SA) NY store sent all the sale bags (Selma) to SF store, their number is 415-362-6500.
  4. Mags,
    I'm confused by the 2nd part of your entry - 'if is not at all like the selma I have'? What do you mean?

    I actually did break my ban :shame: and got the large Selma in lavender. I am actually very, very impressed with the bag. I love the combination of patent leather, suede, and soft calf makes the bag more unique. It's freaking HUGE which I didn't expect, but I love that it's big and still a nicely sized shoulder bag. I ADORE the color - it is more of an 'old rose' - definitely not a true lavender. Love the silver hardware, not crazy about the lobster claw clasps, but that's okay. Definitely worth the money for me and I am very pleased with it. :smile:
  5. MJ boutiques send items via FedEx 2-Day or Overnight. =)

  6. I'm confused too Maggie. What do you mean "not at all like the selma I have" I'm strongly considering ordering one but I don't want to be disappointed.:s
  7. Cheryl,
    I really love mine.This eBay auction (not mine) shows the color very nicely, as well as the patent and suede details:
    It won't let me paste the URL but the item # is 150072368776

  8. OMG Dawn...I was just looking at that auction! Too funny!

    Thanks for the link. It looks very cute!! I love the silver hardware/color combination. I'm thinking I'm going to get one!!:yes:
  9. Dawn, congrats! Please post pics!! :smile:

    MuzMars, I'm confused, did you buy a Selma?? Do you like it? Do you own others?
  10. I would LOVE to see pics of the large get an idea for myself....;)
    Does anyone have a pic of it on?
  11. Ok guys...sorry for the confusion. I have a selma in passion fruit. It is made of all calf (I think) leather and has gold hardware. maggie
  12. While I don't take pictures of me modeling bags (I'm just too self-conscious), I can take a picture of the Selma with some other MJ bags if that will give you a better idea of size. I can do it tonight after work. :yes:
  13. Wow thanks so much in advance DAWN71675!
    I am really looking forward to pics! I am familiar with stella, sophia, blake, MP, any comparison is great!
    I am just trying to figure out the best size Selma for me :smile:
  14. Thanks bag.lover, helpful as always :smile:
    I really want a Blake, but this great Selma sale is an affordable alternative!
    Just trying to figure out the best size for me for an everyday bag...I have already ruled out the Tote.
    Would love to see Lrg Selma on someone :smile: