Selma in sapphire suitable for everyday work bag

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  1. Hi all!

    I have just seen the MK sapphire selma on the harrods website and I love the colour however I havnt seen it in person and was wondering how bright is it, if it's a royal blue colour then I would love that but if it's uber bright I think that would clash with a lot of my work wear.
    Also is it a all season bag?

    Thanks on advance!
  2. It's more of a royal blue it's def not bright. Here it is next to my summer blue selma ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398174955.372390.jpg

  3. Oh my! I'm loving your collection!!!

  4. Here it is on the right. It is a beautiful royal/cobalt blue that can be an all year round color.

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  5. Thank you (: those are my additions this month ! I need to take a whole family picture hehe
  6. Thanks everyone!

    Love the colour I'm thinking ether this or the ivory.
    Although worried about the dirt on the ivory.
  7. It is a rich saturated blue color, but I don't think it's too bright. I have it in the east west Hamilton and love it!
  8. Hey all I know this is a random question but iv been thinking of getting the cream coloured selma aswell as it's summer soon!
    But all the stores have different names for the colour, there called vanilla, natural cream or ivory lol I'm getting confused.
    I don't want a white I want a cream.
  9. GO get it ! it's a loveable color blue you can wear it all year long.
  10. Are the bags on the far left and right a different style?
  11. Yes, the bags on the left and right are Sutton (or Dressy they are listed on some sites).
  12. Thanks! :flowers:
  13. Love the summer blue Selma! What a fantastic color! The sapphire is stunning as well, rich blue.... Have to put that color on my wish list!