Selma Blair

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  2. She looks totally pretty!
  3. She looks like she got tangled up in a big ass red cobweb. BUT! I must say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her haircut! Too cute!
  4. I love her shoes.
  5. That dress is so ugly! Love her, though.
  6. How recent are these pics? I feel like I've seen her wear that dress before..
  7. She is way too thin. I do not like that dress...and I've seen it somewhere before too, though I don't think it was on her.

    I do like her though.
  8. Love her as an actress but has terrible taste in fashion.
  9. Not loving the dress but she is so pretty!
  10. Was it on Renee Zellweger? This is going to bug me all night..
  11. i agree!
  12. Interesting look ...
    I think she could have looked better in something else.
  13. She looks great, but the dress is a little much.
  14. She's a pretty girl..not liking that dress though.
  15. Looks like a thousand cats with claws had a field day with that dress!! At least, that's what Opie and Teddie thought.