Selma Blair Officially Divorced from Ahmet Zappa

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    Well, another one bites the dust. I used to think that they managed to keep their relationship private, yet they still splitting after only two years of marriage.
    Too bad, they're a sweet couple.


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  2. I have no idea who he is, any relation to Frank? :smile:
  3. Frank is his father.
  4. I had no idea they were even married. I guess they were THAT private!
  5. Didn't even know they were married but divorce is always so sad.
  6. divore has been the IT thing lately ..too bad
  7. I didn't even know they were married.
  8. Yet another couple... they looked so cute together too!
  9. what's up with all these couples breaking up/divorcing?
  10. Didnt know they were married!
  11. that's too bad...too many divorces lately
  12. OMG!!that's so bad news:sad:
  13. That is sad... they were a really good looking couple